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Grain Science and Industry

Wetzel, David

Wetzel, DavidProfessor

WA 103
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-7010 fax

Area(s) of Specialization

Research analytical chemist, quality determination, instrumental analysis, infrared microspectroscopy chemical imaging, instrument design and analytical method development in chomatography

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B.S. Chemistry, Augustana College, Illinois, 1956
M.S. Analytical Chemistry, Kansas State University, 1962
Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Kansas State University, 1973

Bio Brief

David Louis Wetzel, a PhD chemist, is from Rock Island, Illinois. After several years of college chemistry teaching, he went to graduate school on a NSF fellowship. He was recruited to the KSU Grain Science Department from the University of Illinois-Springfield, where he taught Instrumental Analysis courses. As a KSU professor, his graduate students developed HPLC methods applied to cereals while his technicians did NIR. With the introduction of the first commercial infrared microscope, he became increasingly involved with FT-IR microspectroscopy, and established the Microbeam Molecular Spectroscopy laboratory at KSU. The result of research completed in this laboratory and at Brookhaven National Laboratory has been reported in 325 presentations and 94 publications. He is published in more than 40 different journals or proceedings and has authored three recent invited book chapters on infrared microspectroscopy and imaging.