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Grain Science and Industry

A World of Career Options with 100% Job Placement and High Starting Salaries

milling sciencefeed sciencebakery science

Milling Science
and Management

Students study the complete operation of grain, flour milling and processing operations from receiving to packaging while gaining a thorough background of scientific and technical knowledge of the cereal grain processing industries and value-added grain products. Options include operations, business management and cereal chemistry.


Feed Science
and Management

Students learn about feed manufacturing technology including ingredient selection and use, processing, automation, finished product production, and grain and materials handling. Options are available in feed production or biofuels production to prepare students for management and operation positions. Pre-vet requirements also may be met in this program.


Bakery Science
and Management

Students learn about the commercial baking industry and related areas with courses in bakery and cereal science, milling, flour and dough testing, and a solid foundation in chemistry, math, microbiology and food safety. Options include cereal chemistry and production management.