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Grain Science and Industry

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Welcome to the Department of Grain Science and Industry

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Grain Science and Industry is to advance the global grain and plant-based food, animal food, and bioproduct industries through scholarship, research, and outreach.

We are proud to be the primary training ground for technology specialists, scientists and managers who lead businesses and organizations in working to preserve harvest, process grains into products, and nourish a hungry world. 

As one of the very few places in the world to offer bachelor's degrees in the areas of bakery science, milling science, and feed science and management, our students benefit from exceptional faculty, resources, and job opportunities. 

Our Programs

Our students are in high demand throughout the industry and receive some of the best starting salaries earned by K-State graduates. Students majoring in bakery science, feed science, or milling science receive technical training that prepares them for successful careers working in the baking, animal food, milling, and bio-based product industries.  

Click on the program links below to learn more about our various programs. 

Bakery Science and Management
Feed Science and Management
Baked Goods AnalysisAnimal Feed Mill Manager
Milling Science and Management
Graduate Program
Grain Processing Labgrad
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