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Bio-Materials and Technology Lab

Bio-Materials and Technology Lab Technicians

Bio-Materials & Technology Lab (BTL) is one of the three key laboratories of the Bio-Processing & Industrial Value Added Program (BIVAP). The BTL is a multi-functional laboratory, housed in BIVAP building of the Department of Grain Science and IndustryKansas State University.

The BTL has professional staff and well-equipped facilities, which has the capability to perform design, formulation, processing, analyzing, and testing of various bio-based materials, and to convert agricultural products/by-products to value-added materials. The BTL works closely with department, university, and various commodities and industries to provide research, technical service, and teaching/education in the field of bio-material science and technology.

BTL Mission and Goal


Bio-Materials and Technology Lab LogoThe mission of the Bio-Material & Technology Lab is to promote widespread use of bioproducts from agricultural resources to meet future national and environmental needs.


The goal of the Bio-Material & Technology Lab is to research and develop value-added bioproducts from the agricultural resources, and to provide education and technical service in the field of bio-material science and technology.

BTLab Areas

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Bio-Materials & Technology Lab

101 BIVAP Bldg.
1980 Kimball Ave.
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas
Tel: 785-532-6569
Fax: 785-532-7193