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Grain Science and Industry

Cereal Chemistry & Processing

Wheat Quality Lab

The wheat quality lab is a service and research lab, providing measures of kernels, flours, and bread baking properties of different wheat lines. The lab is led by Dr. Yonghui Li.

Cereal Chemistry Laboratory Program

The CCL is a multifunctional lab that conducts research related to cereal science and grain-based products. The lab is led by Dr. Yonghui Li.

Carbohydrate and Polymers

The C&P group strives to provide world-class excellence in carbohydrate polymer research and education. The group is led by Dr. Yong Chen Shi.


The extrusion lab focuses on the development of grain based extruded products. The lab is led by Dr. Sajid Alavi.

Analytical Bake Lab

The analytical bake lab conducts research on yeast and chemically leavened baked products, covering ingredient functionality, processing, and end-product quality. This group is led by Dr. Elisa Karkle.

Advanced X-Ray Computed Microtomography

The AXCM lab conducts research through the use of X-ray microtomography (XMT) is an emerging non-invasive and non-destructive high-resolution 3D imaging technique. This group is led by Dr. Huyla Dogan.