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Grain Science and Industry

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Faculty Directory

FacultyArea(s) of ExpertiseEmail 
said alaviSajid Alavi


Food engineering; extrusion processing of food and feed; rheology; food microstructure imaging and structure texture relationships


Greg Aldrich  Greg Aldrich

 Associate Professor



Pet food processing; pet food nutrition


Guy AllenGuy Allen

Senior Agricultural Economist

Grain Marketing and Risk Management Curriculum Manager

Agribusiness - domestic & international; commodity trading and risk management; supply chain logistics and commodity analysis; new business development


Subi  Subramanyam Bhadriraju

 University Distinguished             Professor 

Management of insects associated with stored grain; food and feed processing facilities using alternatives to pesticides


paul blodgettPaul Blodgett 

Hal Ross Flour Mill Program/Project Manager

Milling assets and operations


Carlos headshot  Carlos Campabadal

 Instructor/ IGP Outreach           Specialist

Grain quality, storage and processing and feed manufacturing engineering; Spanish language technical support 


fran churchillFran Churchill

Professor of Practice

NAMA Instructor 

Technical flour milling and plant operations


AaronAaron Clanton 

BNEF Instructor

Baking science, flour and ingredient functionality, product development, bakery operations


Hulya headshotHulya Dogan 

Interim Department Head

Ross Endowed Professor 


Food engineering; grain processing and milling; biopolymer science; fundamental and empirical rheology; physical, mechanical, thermo-mechanical and microstructural characterization; structure-texture relationships; food processing; extrusion; mathematical modeling and process optimization


Huseyin Headshot Huseyin Dogan

Professor of Practice

Process flow diagram for grain operations, power distribution and management on grain processing facilities, flour and feed technology, 2D and 3D plant design with AutoCAD


Karkle HeadshotElisa Karkle

Assistant Professor


Baking science, nutrition, snack foods, product and ingredient development, shelf life extension and nutritional impact of sourdough


yonghui liYonghui Li

Associate Professor

Wheat Quality Lab Director

Baking science and chemistry; cereal and grain chemistry; protein chemistry and applications; functional cereal foods; protein-based nano-assemblies; bioactive compounds and peptides


chad paulk Chad Paulk

Associate Professor

Undergraduate Programs Chair and Teaching Coordinator 

Feed processing technologies; monogastric nutrition; quality assurance and feed safety 


kaliJulia Guazzelli Pezzali

Assistant Professor

Pet Food Program Director

Pet food processing technologies, nutritional impacts of processing, pet food quality, functional foods, companion animal nutrition and metabolism, protein metabolism 


kaliKaliramesh Siliveru

Associate Professor

Grain processing and milling; process modeling and simulation; particle technology and materials handling; physical, chemical, and surface properties and their correlation in food and feed materials


Shi Headshot  Yong-Cheng Shi


Starch structure and functionality; physical, chemical, and genetic modifications of starch; enzymatic modifications of biopolymers; cereal starch digestibility; carbohydrate nutrition


charles starkCharles Stark 

Jim and Carol Brown Professor in Feed Technology 

Feed safety; quality assurance; feed processing technologies


susan Susan X. Sun

University Distinguished Professor

Biological material process engineering; thermal and rheological behavior and functional properties of plant polymeric materials and ingredients; bio-based adhesives; biodegradable resins 


shawn theileShawn Thiele

IGP Associate Director

Flour Milling and Grain Processing Curriculum Manager 

Grain processing and milling; milling technology; plant operations


jason wattJason Watt

Buhler Instructor of Milling

Technical Milling


Yi Zheng Headshot  Yi Zheng 

 Associate Professor 

 Graduate Program Director 

Bioprocessing and fermentation; applied biochemistry and metabolic engineering; biomaterial technology