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IGP Institute

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IGP Institute

Kansas State University
1980 Kimball Avenue
102 IGP Institute Building
Manhattan, KS 66506-7000

785-532-6080 fax


IGP Institute Mission

To provide technical, research-based training benefiting industry professionals globally and enhancing the market preference for U.S. grains and oilseeds. 

We're hiring!

If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a team of professionals who work together to educate people from around the world by providing technical training related to the overall grain science industry, check out these positions at the IGP Institute that are currently open.

December 2022 IGP Institute Newsletter (pdf)

December SNB

2022 IGP Institute Year in Review

2022 IGP Year in Review


Upcoming Courses

Buhler–KSU Expert Milling
February 27 – March 3, 2023

Buhler–KSU Executive Milling (English)
March 6–10, 2023

NGFA–KSU Food Safety Modernization Act Industry Training
April 11–13, 2023

IGP–KSU Grain Procurement and Purchasing (Virtual) 
April 25 – May 18, 2023

IGP–KSU Applied Agricultural Sales (Virtual)
May 9 – June 1, 2023

IGP–KSU Introduction to Futures Markets and Hedging (Virtual)
May 9 – Jun 1, 2023
October 3–26, 2023

IGP–KSU Grain Procurement and Purchasing (In Person)
June 4–9, 2023

IGP-KSU Grain Export Supply Chain Expedition
June 11–17, 2023

IAOM-KSU Introduction to Flour Milling
August 7-11, 2023

Buhler-KSU Executive Milling (Spanish) 
August 14–18, 2023

IGP-KSU Pet Food Workshop
August 14, 2023

IGP-KSU Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization
August 15–18, 2023

IAOM–KSU Basic Milling Principles
September 11-15, 2023

IAOM–KSU Advanced Milling Principles
September 18-22, 2023

Buhler-KSU Flowsheet Technology
November 13–17, 2023

IGP-KSU Grain Elevator Managers
2022 Date to be Determined

IGP-KSU Developing Business Skills for Future Agribusiness Leaders (Virtual)
2023 Date to be Determined

IGP-KSU Baking Basics Training: Bread, Cakes, and Cookies
2023 Date to be Determined

IGP-KSU Feed Manufacturing
2023 Date to be Determined

IAOM–KSU Flour and Dough Analysis
2023 Date to be Determined

Flour Milling for State Wheat Commissioners and Staff
2023 Date to be Determined

IGP–KSU Pet Food Formulation for Commercial Production (Virtual)
2024 Date to be Determined

Distance Education and
On Demand

AFIA/KSU 500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing

AFIA/KSU 500 On Demand