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Grain Science and Industry

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The grain science and industry programs at Kansas State University prepare students for work in well-paying industries that have a shortage of qualified applicants. 


Bakery Science  Explore the major that helps meet the demands of the growing population's need for baked goods. 

Feed Science Learn about the major that helps feed our food, it is the only 4-year program like it in the world. 

Milling Science  Experience the major that helps make flour milling possible. 

Transfer/ Out of State Students Check out the unique opportunities that transfer and out of state students have in our programs. 

Distance Education Look into our online education programs.

Graduate Program Find out about possibilities of higher education. 

Get Involved Current and future students check out ways you can stay involved in your major and make a difference. 

Grain Science Careers Learn about where graduates of the Department of Grain Science and Industry are now.