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Grain Science and Industry

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Justin Gilpin

Pro PhotoJustin Gilpin  

CEO for Kansas Wheat Commission and Kansas Association of Wheat Growers  

Education: Bachelors and Masters of Milling Science  

Graduation: 1998  

As a CEO, Gilpin oversees marketing efforts for Kansas-grown wheat to domestic and international buyers. At the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center in Manhattan, Kansas, he stays involved by serving on several U.S. Wheat Associates committees, being a member on the Wheat Quality Council board, and partaking in research for the grain science department. He also represents the Kansas wheat industry on state and national policy issues.  

K-State Experience  

Gilpin was involved in a variety of activities and organizations. He was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and participated in intramural flag football as well.  

As for career experience, he interned with General Mills and Conagra during his summers.  


The grain science department is a well-known and respected program, which opens the doors to many different careers for students.  

The Department of Grain Science and Industry is an excellent education choice that can open up many career paths within the food and agriculture industry,” says Gilpin. “The Kansas State University Grain Science degree is renowned amongst Industry in the U.S. and globally.”