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Grain Science and Industry

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Troy Anderson

Troy headshot Troy Anderson 

Regional Operation Manager for Ardent Mills  

Education: Majored in Milling Science and Management 

Graduation: 1992

Anderson serves as one of three regional operations managers for Ardent Mills. He is responsible for the central region that is made up of 12 flour milling facilities across six states. Currently, Anderson is based out of Denver, Colorado, at the corporate headquarters. His responsibilities with the central region include supporting plant teams to serve customers with excellence. He says, “we operate with full intentions to live out our values of safety, service, simplicity and trust every day, in everything we do.” 

K-State Experience  

Throughout his time at K-State, Anderson was involved in several different clubs and organizations. He was a member of Alpha Mu and the Grain Science Club, as well as the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.  

Anderson also worked as a student in the department and had summer internships with companies such as Wall-Rogalsky Milling company in McPherson, Kansas and the Cargill Flour Mill in Saginaw, Texas.  

Build Relationships 

Connecting with others and building valuable relationships is a key part of college and future careers.  

“Build broad, diversified relationships with fellow students and faculty,” says Anderson. “These relationships can last a lifetime and can provide a tremendous network of friends and colleagues as you grow in your career over the years.”  

He also advises students to remember that they’re part of a bigger family through their K-State experience and to help others that will follow in their footsteps. He adds, “be kind, be respectful, and appreciate what you have.”