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Grain Science and Industry

Madl, Ron


Selected Publications

1. John W. Carter, Ronald Madl, and Frank Padula, (Accepted for Publication), Wheat Antioxidants Suppress Intestinal Tumor Activity in Min Mice, Nutrition Research, (In Press)
2. Qu, H., Madl, R., Takemoto, D., Baybutt, R., Wang, W., (2005), “Lignans are Involved in the Antitumor Activity of Wheat Bran in Colon Cancer SW480 Cells”, , J. Nutrition, 135: 598-602.
3. Drankhan, K., Carter, J., Madl, R., Klopfenstein, C., Padula, F., Lu Y., Warren, T., Schmitz, N., and Takemoto, D.J., (2003), “Antitumor Activity of Wheats with High Orthophenolic Content, Nutrition and Cancer, 47(2), 188-194.
4. Sara Shoemaker, Michael A. Boland, George Ham, Ronald L. Madl, (1999), Hard White Wheat Variety Release; A Decision Case, Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education, 28:63.
5. Ronald L. Madl, 1993, Evolution of Protein Quality Determination, Cereal Foods World, 38, 8:576.
U. S. Patent
Patent Number 4,075,358, Process for Reducing Combustion Product Residues in Products Dried by a Direct Flame Unit.

Competitive Grants Awarded

“Rapid Analysis to Facilitate Development and Marketing of Wheat with High Antioxidant Activity”, Midwest Advanced Food Manufacturing Alliance, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2005. ($110,700) Drs. Wetzel & Haley, Ks Wheat Commission, AgVantage IP, ConAgra and Ks Crop Improvement Association co-PI and collaborators.

“Kansas Bioproduct Roadmap: An Inventory and Plan for Bioproduct Development and Commercialization”, Kansas Corporation Commission, State Energy Program, Topeka, Ks, 2005. ($30,000) Dr. Richard Nelson, Pinnacle Technology, Ks. Dept of Commerce co-PI and collaborators.

“Bioconversion of Fiber from DG”, Abengoa Bioenergy, Chesterfield, Mo., 2005. ($140,000) AgRenew collaborator.

“Quantitative Milling Trial for Hard White Wheat,” Ks Wheat Commission, 2004. ($10,147) Dr. Tim Herrman co-PI.

"Wheat Gluten Modification for Value Addition," Midwest Advanced Food Manufacturing Alliance, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2003. ($73,185) Drs. MacRitchie, Herald, Kim, & MGP Ingredients co-PIs and collaborator.

“Cancer Protective Effects of Wheats with Different Antioxidant Potentials,” Ks Wheat Commission, 2001. ($65,075) Dr. Takemoto, co-PI.

"Commercialization of U.S. Hard White Wheat for Traditional & Non-Traditional Egyptian Bakery Products," US Dept of Agriculture, Foreign Ag Services, Washington, DC, 2000. ($50,000) Food Technology Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt, co-PI.