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Flour Milling and Grain Processing 

Courses in this curriculum area cover aspects of managing the flour milling process, including technical milling, management practices, maintenance, quality control and food safety, and HACCP. The Buhler – KSU courses provide milling courses on a variety of topics including soft wheat milling, expert milling, and executive milling. Some of these courses are offered in Spanish. 

IAOM-KSU Flour and Dough Analysis
September 1–3, 2020

IAOM-KSU Basic Milling Principles
September 14–18, 2020

IAOM-KSU Advanced Milling
September 21-25, 2020

Buhler-KSU Executive Milling
Buhler-KSU Executive Milling (English): November 9-13, 2020

Buhler-KSU Flowsheet Technology
November 16-20, 2020

IAOM-KSU Introduction to Flour Milling
January 4-8, 2021

Buhler-KSU Expert Milling
2021 Date To Be Determined

State Wheat Commissioners Training
2021 Date To Be Determined