IGP–KSU Practical Flour and Dough Testing

The focus of Practical Flour and Dough Testing is hands-on application of analytical tests used to determine attributes of different flours. Students are introduced to the analytical techniques that they may encounter when working with flour mills and bakeries. This course will provide a broad understanding of standard analytical methods and procedures commonly used in flour quality testing through hands-on exercises. This course will show how analyses are done as well as how to evaluate, interpret, and use the results.

Basic analytical tools used for flour analysis that will be covered in the course include moisture, pH, TTA, SRC, gluten washing, damaged starch, and rheological tests such as farinograph, mixograph, falling number, mixolab, alveograph, and RVA that measure various dough properties.

Course dates: 2024 Dates to be Determined
Cost: $1,400


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