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IGP – KSU Grain Procurement and Purchasing Course

Course Description

The IGP-KSU Grain Procurement and Purchasing course is divided into two consecutive (back-to-back) one-week sessions, with an optional field trip in between.

The first week will investigate the U.S. supply chain, USDA quality standards, international freight markets, and how grain moves from the farm into export markets. There will be an introduction to futures and derivative markets, basis trading, along with discussions of current market events. We will take a closer look at the underlying fundamentals of each commodity complex, including; wheat, coarse grains and the oilseed complex. Time will be spent focusing on cash contracts and terms utilized in international trade, how to establish a well-written contract, along with related dispute resolutions and arbitration processes.

The second week of the course will delve into the three dimensions of trading strategies; What (Typical), When (Temporal) and Where (Distal). There will be an introduction to options, along with the integration into price risk management strategies. Along with a continued discussion on current market events, we will take a closer look at technical analysis. A “market simulation” exercise where participants can apply what they have learned.

In addition, a field trip is planned to gain a better understanding of the supply chain that delivers grain into trade of international agricultural commodities.

Participants are welcome to sign up for any combination of these activities and the prices are outlined below.

Participants coming from a country with African Swine Fever (ASF) may potentially be restricted from visiting a number of sight locations on the field trip.

Who Should Attend

International grain, wheat, corn, grain sorghum, DDGs and soybeans buyers, government officials and others responsible for the purchase, importing, shipping and handling of U.S. agricultural commodities.

This course is especially useful to individuals in private companies taking on the responsibilities for grain purchasing and shipping.

An increased understanding of the U.S. grain marketing system will enhance the participants' ability to competitively purchase U.S. grains and commodities with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Registration Information

This course will take place April 12-23, 2021.

Registration Coming Soon.


The IGP Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses if minimum enrollment numbers are not met. If a course is canceled, participants will be refunded 100% of their tuition. If a course is rescheduled, participants will have the opportunity to have 100% of their registration fees applied to the rescheduled course or receive a full refund.

Participants who wish to cancel or transfer their registration to another employee can do so for a $100 processing fee as long as notice is received at least fifteen days prior to the course start date. Refund requests made fourteen days or less before a course start date will be not be refunded.