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IGP Institute

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Grain Marketing and Risk Management

The grain purchasing course focuses on the mechanics of purchasing raw materials and features detailed discussions of cash futures markets, ocean transportation, contract rules, and arbitration. The risk management course covers futures trading, hedging, and general risk management. Grain buyers and merchandisers learn about managing price risk in a volatile environment. 

IGP – KSU Developing Business Skills for Future Agribusiness Leaders (Virtual)
June 2022 Dates to be Determined

IGP – KSU Grain Export Supply Chain Expedition
July 2022 Dates to be Determined

IGP – KSU Applied Agricultural Sales (Virtual)
September 6–29, 2022 (Tuesday and Thursday)

IGP – KSU Grain Procurement & Purchasing (Virtual)
2023 Dates to be Determined

International Trade Highlights

Grain Market Podcast

AgManager Grain Marketing Publications

Includes Weekly Notes and Observations in International Commodity Markets