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IGP Institute


Feed Manufacturing and Grain Quality Management

The feed manufacturing courses explore the major elements of modern feed manufacturing and examine advances in new technology. The extrusion processing course trains participants in the latest developments in extrusion technology and allows them to interact with leading experts from the industry and academia. The grain elevator manager course is intensive training in the basics of U.S. grain elevator operations, with a focus on efficiency for maximum profit and grain quality.

IGP – KSU Grain Elevator Managers
May 24-27, 2022

IGP – KSU Feed Manufacturing 
June 21-24, 2022

IGP – KSU Pet Food Workshop 
August 15, 2022

IGP – KSU Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization
August 16-19, 2022

NGFA – KSU Food Safety Modernization Act Feed Industry Training
August 23-25, 2022

Fortified Blended Food Stakeholder Summit 
2022 Date to be Determined

IGP – KSU Pet Food Formulation for Commercial Production
2022 Date to be Determined