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Grain Science and Industry

Milling Science and Management

For more than a hundred years, Kansas State University has provided the world with unparalleled expertise in flour milling. In 1905, J.T. Willard set up a small mill in the corner of a chemistry laboratory, and from that small beginning, we've grown into a program that offers the only four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Milling Science and Management.


Each year, we place a new group of well-educated graduates in a variety of high-salary careers. Major corporations like General Mills and Sara Lee come to campus, along with milling companies and other businesses involved in grain processing and use, to compete for our students.

The K-State campus houses a number of modern laboratories, including both commercial and pilot-scale flour mills and analytical equipment for testing various properties of grain throughout the flour milling and separation processes. These laboratories serve both students and industry in training and research efforts.

The art and business of milling have changed tremendously in the past century, and so have we. In fact, our faculty and students have led many of these changes, developing patented technologies and new techniques, and innovative business practices. In the coming century, milling will certainly see even more changes, and our department will be on the forefront, at the proverbial grindstone, leading the way.


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Milling Science Club

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Careers in Milling Science and Management 

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Plant Manager
Milling Operations Manager
Head Miller
Grain Purchaser
Quality Control Manager
Ingredient Procurement
Research & Development
Corporate Management
Equipment Engineering
Production Engineer
Technical Miller