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Grain Science and Industry

Feed and Pet Food Science

Perhaps there is no industry more important than the feed industry, nor one whose future is more certain. This is why, in 1951, when the feed industry turned to Kansas State University for support, we allied ourselves strongly with it by establishing a unique academic program. Today, over fifty years later, we remain the only program in the world to offer a four-year degree in Feed Science and Management, an exclusivity that gives our graduates ample opportunity for success in this large and stable industry.

Each year, K-State places a new lot of well-educated graduates in a variety of high-salary careers. Feed and food producers, pet food manufacturer's, various food ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and exporting companies, are just a few of the types of local, national, and international companies who compete for our graduates.

Additionally, K-State develops new technologies and practices that are used throughout the industry. Our research laboratories include a modern extrusion processing center, a micro-spectroscopy center, and various cereal product research and testing labs. In the fall of 2013, the O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center was dedicated. This facility is a fully automated, state of the art, teaching and research facility that will include a biosafety-level 2 teaching and research feed mill.

As the needs and demands of feed science grow and change with world populations, we will grow and change with them. Developing new technologies and business strategies, and educating new generations of graduates. By always remaining strong in research and teaching, we will ensure that our department, the industry, and world populations stay fortified and strong.

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Feed Science Features 

Sajid Alavi, Extrusion Process Engineer
Kansas State University professor Sajid Alavi and his research team are working to find ways to better utilize Kansas row crops to feed hungry populations. Click here to read more about Dr. Alavi's efforts.