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IGP Institute

Online Education and Professional Development

IGP Institute has partnered with industry associations, GEAPS and AFIA, to offer distance education training courses in the areas of grain operations management, grain processing management and feed manufacturing.

Through these partnerships, educational content has been provided to almost 3000 industry professionals around the world.

All materials are developed by academic and industry experts and are formally peer-reviewed by industry professionals during development.


Professionals in grain handling operations and processing as well as related fields can advance their careers, improve their job skills and help their employers by earning formal credentials. The GEAPS/Kansas State University Credentialing Program offers logical, structured ways to continue learning, and leads to real-world application, achievement and recognition.

Credentials are offered in:


Questions regarding distance opportunities need to be directed to Brandi Miller at bmmiller@ksu.edu. She can be reached via telephone at 785-532-4053.