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Grain Science and Industry

Dr. Yonghui Li

312 Shellenberger Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Lab: 212/213 Shellenberger Hall
Lab phone: 785-532-5470

CCL News

  • CCL family and friends had a BBQ party to welcome the new semester! (08/26/2017)



  • Welcome Ruijia Hu, Lauren Tebben, and Wenfei Tian join CCL as MS (Hu, Tebben) and PhD (Tian) graduate research assistants! (08/15/2017)

  • Dr. Li delivered a one-day training course to the R&D team of WhiteWave Foods on plant protein foods in Denver. (08/09/2017) 

  • Dr. Li received a grant from Kansas Corn Commission on bioactive peptides development from distiller's grains. (07/01/2017)

  • CCL team attended IFT2017 (June 20-28) in Las Vegas and presented two papers. (07/01/2017)


  • Welcome Wei Wu and Yanting Shen join CCL as research interns! (06/01/2017)

  • Dr. Li and Ruijia presented our program at the 2017 K-State Research Showcase at K-State Olathe campus on May 17, 2017 (click here for CCL program poster). (05/19/2017)




  • Congratulations on Carrie's graduation from K-State and joining General Mills! Thanks for your great work at CCL for the past one and a half years. (05/13/2017) 

  • Dr. Li gave a presentation on sodium reduction strategies in wheat products and functional protein hydrolysates for the Grain Science Spring Seminar Series. (05/02/2017) 

  • Welcome Dr. Gengjun Chen join CCL as a postdoc! Welcome Ruijia Hu join CCL as a research intern! (01/2017)

  • Congratulations to Carrie on receiving an OURCI (Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry, KSU) Research Award of $1000 (2nd time) for spring 2017. (12/2016)

  • Dr. Li was invited to gave a talk at the 9th Annual Grain Science Graduate Student Symposium. The presentation is entitled "Grain Protein Based Natural Antioxidants". (10/15/2016)

  • Carrie Carlson presented a poster at the 1st Annual KSU ACS Undergraduate Research Forum and won the Best Presentation Award. Her poster title is "Cereal Protein Hydrolysates as Functional Ingredients for Sugar Replacement in Sugar-Snap Cookies". Congratulations! (10/01/2016)

  • New members welcome lunch! (09/27/2016)

            ccl lunch

  • Dr. Li and Dr. Miller received a grant from PepsiCo to study sodium functionality in doughs. (09/15/2016)

  • Welcome Gengjun Chen and Kristen Jensen to join CCL as research assistants. (09/14/2016) 

  • Welcome Jingjing Yi to join CCL. She's a visiting student from Jinan University (China) and will stay for five months. (09/09/2016)

  • Shiwei Xu joins CCL as a Master student researcher, welcome! (08/12/2016)

  • Welcome Chetan Sharma, a graduate student of Grain Science, to join CCL as a part-time research assistant. (05/16/2016)

  • Dr. Li and Dr. Smith received a grant from J.M. Smucker on a project relative to grain sorghum. (05/15/2016)

  • Congratulations to Carrie on receiving an OURCI (Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry, KSU) Research Award of $1000 for fall 2016. (05/03/2016)

  • Welcome two new group members, Shiwei Xu and Carrie Carlson. (02/09/2016)

  • Cereal Chemistry Laboratory (CCL) website is online. (02/09/2016)