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Grain Science & Industry Research

The mission of the Department of Grain Science and Industry includes the strategic priority to conduct innovative research and transfer new technologies and knowledge to meet the needs of the global grain and plant-based food, feed, fiber, fuel and bio-products supply chain. Our faculty, staff and students are actively engaged in many projects including those listed below that highlight research being conducted by our current M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students.

For more information on our research program, also check out the listing of our research groups and laboratories. For more information on our research efforts and partnership opportunities, be sure to contact our faculty directly.

Below are current research projects, to view past research projects follow this link.


Research Project

Major Professor

Mario AndradaEcology of infestation of wheat by the lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica (F.), first instarsDr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam
Melania Arrieta-MartinezIdentification of unique properties of two waxy wheat flour samples in comparison with standard hard wheat flourDr. Jon Faubion, Dr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Grace BokelmanEvaluating the effects of pelleting and roller milling corn on nursery pig growth performanceDr. Cassandra Jones
Sarah ByingtonAntibiotic resistant enterococci in laboratory colonies of stored-product insects and from insects collected from different storage habitatsDr. Bh. Subramanyam, Dr. Hulya Dogan
Zengdong Chen Dr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Roger Cochrane

Chemical mitigation techniques for microbial and viral contamination in feed and feed components

Dr. Cassandra Jones
Samuel CookEvaluation of Australian Sealed Silo Technology Under U.S. ConditionsDr. Dirk Maier
Sherrill CropperThe Effect of Sugar Replacers on Dough and Bread Quality of Wheat Flour Dough SystemsDr. Jon Faubion
Shelby DeNoyaEffects of processing on Thiamine degradation in canned pet foodsDr. Greg Aldrich
Emily Fort 
Dr. Rebecca Miller
Jennifer FrederickHeat treatment of empty storage bins and grain-processing facilities: Factors influencing efficacy against life stages of the red flour beetle, Triboliumcastaneum (Herbst)Dr. Bh. Subramanyam, Dr. Hulya Dogan
Michael GibsonNutritional and processing differences between baking and extruding pet foodsDr. Sajid Alavi
Morgan GrayEvaluation of Techniques Used to Extend Shelf-Life and Methods for Analysis of Rendered Protein Meals in Pet FoodsDr. Greg Aldrich
Yadhu GuragainInnovative Green Solvent-based Biomass Deconstruction for Advanced Biofuels FermentationDr. Praveen Vadlani
Sarah GutkowskiGel and water in oil emulsions using modified starch for drug deliveryDr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Brian IoergerCharacterization of the Polymeric Proteins of SorghumDr. Hulya Dogan
Andrea Jeffrey Dr. Cassandra Jones
Juhui JeongEffect of freezing and frozen storage on bread doughDr. Rebecca Miller
Michael JosephA novel delivery mechanism for nutrition using sorghum based extruded pre-cooked 'beans' Dr. Sajid Alavi
Julie KalivodaEffect of sieving methodology on determining particle size of ground corn, sorghum, and wheat by sievingDr. Charles Stark
JungEun LeeDevelopment of bioconversion process for free fatty acid production using biomassDr. Praveen Vadlani
Haijing LiuStudy and develop biobased resin from plant protein and oil with high performance in water resistance and fast curing behaviorDr. X. Susan Sun 
Yanguang LiuScreening and extraction of bioactive volatiles from plant based materialsDr. Praveen Vadlani
Cameron McGuireParticulate Flow in ExtrusionDr. Sajid Alavi
Andrew MenseEffects of Aging New Crop Wheat and Whole Wheat Flour on Breadmaking Quality and Glycolipid CompositionDr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Alaina MooneyModern pet food and the effects of processing on vitamin stabilityDr. Greg Aldrich 
Benjamin Plumier3D Modeling of Aeration and Fumigation in Australian Grain Silos to Improve Efficacy against InsectsDr. Dirk Maier
Oscar RamosResponse of wheat plants to physiological stress and artificial induction of stress-related signaling pathways as expressed by antioxidant levels in whole grainsDr. Ron Madl
Marut Saensukjaroenphon
Effect of salt particle size and extended mixing times on the uniformity of mix of commercial corn-soy diets
Dr. Charles Stark
Achint SanghiSimulation and optimization of select solar dryers in Ghana, Ethiopia and GuatemalaDr. Kingsly Ambrose
Deanna ScheffPackaging Technologies for Control of Stored-Product Insects and Mites in Grains and Pet FoodsDr. Bh. Subramanyam, Dr. Hulya Dogan
Jialiang ShiAmount of absorbed starch in vitamin E emulsion stabilized with OSA starchDr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Kaliramesh SiliveruEffect of Particle Cohesion on the Sifting Behavior of Wheat FlourDr. R.P. Kingsly Ambrose
Analena SimmonsApplications of low-bloom pork gelatin to extruded pet food and injection molded pet treatsDr. Greg Aldrich
Zhenhua SunStudy of Octenyl Succinic Anhydride Modified Starches Applied in Encapsulation of Fat-soluble Vitamins in Edible Emulsions for BeveragesDr. Yong-Cheng Shi
Jonggeun SungSoybean oil based resin for transparent flexible coatings in food packagingDr. X. Susan Sun
Jonathan WilsonFermentation of thin and whole stillage with Sporobolomyces Roseus for the production of β-CarotenesDr. Praveen Vadlani
Jingwen XuBio-based nanocomposites for packagingDr. Sajid Alavi
Kouame YaoNew non-chemical technologies to protect grain during storage and transportDr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam
Yixing ZhangBiosynthesis of lactic acid from biomass derived sugarsDr. Praveen Vadlani
Yumeng ZhouEffect of Different Tempering Methods on Sorghum MillingDr. Kingsly Ambrose 
Yingnan ZhouFunction & mechanism of action of soluble & insoluble fiber in dough systems and breadmakingDr. Hulya Dogan
Xiangwei Zhu Dr. X. Susan Sun