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Grain Science and Industry

Dr. Yonghui Li

312 Shellenberger Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Lab: 212/213 Shellenberger Hall
Lab phone: 785-532-5470

Cereal Chemistry Laboratory (CCL)

The Cereal Chemistry Laboratory (CCL) is a multifunctional lab in Kansas State University's Department of Grain Science and Industry. Located in the Shellenberger Hall, the CCL has professional staff and well-equipped facilities to conduct research related to cereal science and grain-based products. We work closely with other departments, universities, and industries to provide research, consulting, training and testing services related to cereal products. 

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Vision, Mission, and Goal Statement

  • Vision: Be a key resource in cereal chemistry research and education.
  • Mission: Provide excellence in research and education in cereal chemistry.
  • Goals: Develop nutritious and innovative cereal grain foods and food ingredients and provide relevant education and meaningful technical service.

Research Interests

  • Cereal protein chemistry, modification, and functionality
  • Biologically active cereal proteins and peptides
  • Functional cereal foods and whole grains
  • Cereal food innovation, including gluten-free products
  • Ancient grains
  • Food nanotechnology


Highly self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students with grain science, food science, chemistry, or other closely related background are encouraged to email Dr. Li for opening inquiries.  

Project Sponsors

Department of Grain Science and Industry