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Feed Quality Assurance Lab

Sample Submission and Shipping Procedures

Submission Procedures 
Complete Sample Submission Form (download Word file)
      • Choose desired test or tests.
      • Determine desired storage condition of sample.
      • Clearly print sample ID that matches the ID written on the sample.
      • Test results and invoice will be sent to the name and email on the submission form.

Please fill out the sample submission form as completely and accurately as possible. Detailed information is needed for the name, email, and sample ID. This information will help to prevent reporting or billing delays and will allow us to contact you if we have any questions.

Identify Samples

Please number your samples with a simple and sequential number scheme. If you have complex sample IDs, it may be safest to assign simple numbers to your samples for submission to the lab and keep a key for yourself to correlate with your longer sample IDs.

A written or printed sheet with sample IDs is always helpful to the lab, especially for larger studies. An alternative for longer sample IDs is to provide a spreadsheet file of your sample numbering system. This saves retyping (and possible errors) when reporting results and when labels must be prepared.

Label Samples

Label your samples clearly. If the IDs are handwritten, print clearly and remember that "permanent" marker can be scratched off plastic cups or bags fairly easily. Please make sure that there is sufficient information on each sample to distinguish it from other samples and to identify it according to your plan for the study.

 It is best to submit each sample with a printed label containing the following information: name, date, study, and sample ID information.

      • Amount of Sample

Refer to the 'Services Provided' page to verify you have a sufficient amount of material for testing.

      • Analysis Time

Turnaround time for completing sample analysis varies. Please inform our lab if you have a deadline or special requirements for your samples.

Shipping Procedures

Include prepared Sample Submission Form in the package.

Please send packages to:

            Haley Wecker
            101 BIVAP Building
            1980 Agriculture Road
            Manhattan, KS 66502

Please contact Haley Wecker with sample number and testing needs to determine pricing.

Contact Us

Feed Quality Assurance Lab
101 BIVAP Building
1980 Agriculture Road
Manhattan, KS 66502