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Grain Science and Industry

Dr. Yonghui Li

14 Waters Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

Cereal Chemistry Lab:

150 Waters Hall
Lab phone: 785-532-3719

Wheat Quality Lab: 

3208 Throckmorton Hall
Lab phone: 785-532-1913


Our research goal is to maintain a strong research program in cereal & grain chemistry that will help meet the increasing needs of healthy, diverse, and quality cereal & grain foods and food ingredients and help address the national and international challenges of human nutrition, food safety, and food security. Research interests include:

Bakery science and chemistry

Objective: To understand grain quality, chemistry, function, and interaction for the development of bakery products with improved quality and health benefits.

Plant-based proteins

Objective: To modify and improve the properties of plant proteins for the development of novel foods and food ingredients and understand protein structure-function relationships.

Bioactive compounds in grains and other plants

Objective: To extract and characterize bioactive compounds and phytochemicals in cereal and grains for the promotion and maintenance of health and for innovative ingredient development.