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Center for Biobased Polymers by Design



A center for Biobased Polymers by Design (CBPD) was created at Kansas State University in January 2007 to stimulate interdisciplinary research efforts. Environmental issues and reliance on fossil feedstocks are driving forces to find alternative ways to secure sustainable world development. A huge market for polymers for various applications exists, which relies on petroleum feedstocks. Biocarbon from renewables has shown great potential, either partially in the near future, or completely in a long term, for replacing current fossil polymers. The mission of this center is to research and develop biobased polymers that are durable, affordable, scientifically challenging, and environmentally friendly.

The Research Goal is to design biobased polymers from monomer to polymer levels for potential applications in adhesives, resins, and composites, and to facilitate discovery, reaction pathways, mechanism, modification, theory, and characterization of bio-based polymers at both nano and macro scales.

The Educational Goal is to provide an interdisciplinary environment for students who have interests in pursuing a degree at the graduate level in biopolymers, biobased materials, or the biofuels area; to educate the next generation scientists by integrating graduate research into undergraduate programs and K-12 education.