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Grain Science and Industry

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Cameron Adcox

cameronCameron Adcox 

Plant Manager- Purina Animal Nutrition LLC 

Education: Feed Science and Management 

Graduation Year: May 2013  

Cameron Adcox is the plant manager for Purina Animal Nutrition LLC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In this position, Adcox is responsible for all aspects of the facility including safety, quality, production, environmental and finances. As a plant manager, Adcox realizes the risks involved, he says, “my most important responsibility is to make sure I send my team home safely to their families each day.”  

When reflecting on his average work week, Adcox explains how no week or day is average as there is always something different going on, which forces him to adapt and think on his feet. He oversees the various departments and assesses how they are performing and checking in on their progress on facility improvement projects and initiatives. 

K-State Experience 

Adcox took advantage of the opportunities to be heavily involved with the Department of Grain Science and Industry. He was active in the Feed Science Club since his sophomore year and later on served as president. Adcox also served a two-year term as the KSU Wrestling Club president. He also had the opportunity to work on-site in the research feed mill that was located in Shellenberger Hall. Through this experience, he had the chance to be hands-on with each part of the feed manufacturing process, which gave him a unique advantage upon graduation. The grain science courses prepared Adcox for an internship with Bartlett Grain where he was able to learn about proper grain storage and maintenance management practices. 

The Feed Technology I & II courses were greatly beneficial to Adcox. He says, “understanding the equipment I’ll be around is critical to being able to drive efficiencies, troubleshoot, and overall manage effectively.” The flow sheets course was also vital for Adcox in his current position. 

Get Involved 

Through on-campus experiences, you can help tie in the learning from the classroom Adcox says, “find ways to become engaged on campus and create a network.“ He adds, “getting involved will expose you to new and diverse ideas as well as potentially discovering opportunities you may never have thought of.”