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Subramanyam Lab


Proceedings: Dr. Subi and Team's proceedings at 2009 Annual International Research Conference on methyl bromide alternatives and emissions eeductions, Nov. 10-13, 2009, San Diego, CA.

Pictures/Video: Second heat treatment mini program for Mexican and US millers, Sep., '09.

Pictures/Program: India visit, Jul-Aug, 2009.

Popular news: "ASIAN FEED" reviews Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju's talk regarding how to keep pests away from mills at 17th Annual ASAIM Southeast Asian Feed Technology and Nutrition Workshop, Hue, Vietnam. (Posted: Sep. 16th, Courtesy: 'Asian Feed' Sep./Oct. '09).

Presentations/Pictures: South East Asia Visit, June '09.

Workshop Pictures: Photos of Methyl bromide fumigation May 6-7, 2009; Heat treatment, May 13-15, 2009 and Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation, May 27-28, 2009 workshops.

Presentations/Pictures: Sixth heat treatment workshop '09: Presentations/Pictures (Posted: May 26, 2009)

Presentation: Presentation on 'Efficacy of flameless catalytic infrared radiation energy against different life stages of insects' (Posted February 2009, PPT Format, 10.5 MB)

Talk:Talk on 'Stored Grain Insect Pest Management Practices', KCIA annual meeting and trade show(Posted February 2009, PPT Format, 51.6 MB)

Honors: Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam is honored in China for work to keep food safe, wholesome.

Presentation/pictures: CAF'08 CHINA "Control of mites and insects in pet food"

Presentation/pictures: India visit October 2008

News Article: THE HINDU June 30 2008 (Posted July 03 2008, PDF Format, 60 KB)

News Article: Andhra Jyothi June 29 2008 (Posted July 03 2008, PDF Format, 324 KB)

Presentation:NCB ESA talk (Posted March 24 2008, PPT Format, 20 MB)

Award: Kantha wins ASM award. (Presentation)

Presentation:Producer perceptions about postharvest pest management (Posted November 28 2007, PPT Format, 3.2MB)

Shalini's Baby

Event:India Program May 31 2007 (Posted July 26 2007, PDF Format, 184 KB) India Program May 28-30 2007 (Posted July 26 2007, PDF Format, 220 KB)

Anna's Baby

Kantha's Wedding

Event: Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam makes presentations in Istanbul, New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Nov 2006.

Presentation:RAMP II: KSU Grain Science Accomplishments, 2005-2006 (Posted December 8 2006, PPT Format, 5.5MB)

Presentation:Pest Management IAOM Eurasian Conference & Expo, Istanbul. (Posted November 28 2006, PPT Format , 56.5MB)

Presentation:Performance of spinosad as a stored grain protectant. (Posted November 3 2006, PPT Format, 35MB)

Presentation:Issues and Challenges in Implementing Stored Grain Integrated (Insect) Pest Management Programs in US. (Posted November 3 2006, PPT Format, 3MB)

Presentation:Association of Enterococci with Stored Products and Stored-Product Insects: Public Health Importance and Implications. (Posted November 3, 2006, PPT Format, 2.08MB)

Presentation:Detection and monitoring of stored-grain insects (Posted August, 31, 2006, PPT Format, 14 MB)