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Subramanyam Lab

Comments from people who have worked with Dr. Subi

Sarah Browser

(Director of Member Services, Kansas Grain and Feed Association)

Thank you note to Dr. Subi for his support and contribution to the 2009 Grain Handler's Program

Sara Sovoldelli

(Visiting Scientist)

Thank you card

Dr. Telaprolu V. Prasad

(Visiting Scientist)

Thank you card

Cristina S Bernardo


Lets keep our friendship
Anna Iversen GetchellThank you note
Cody Ruby


Greetings Dr. Subi, this is Cody Ruby I apologies for not staying in closer contact the last 4 to 5

months have been very hectic. I took a position with Cargill Value-Added Meats and I am current

working in Waco, TX. I work in their QA department over seeing our raw production side; so far it

has been a good learning experience.The biggest challenge is getting other to continually improve

the quality of their work. The insect population here in Waco is much higher than that of Kansas

so I have been able to put many of the things you teach in your classes and from work to good

use to prevent pest invasion problems. In the near future I am going to have the opportunity to

conduct Food Safety Audits for the Cargill Value-Added Meats unit, which will be 8 processing

facilities. If those go well then I will probably continue to audit further plants in the Cargill operation.

This will be a very good learning experience to get to see some of our other operations & a chance to pick-up on some different process methods. I have also been looking into the KSU's

master's programs, distance food science program and the Master's in Agribusiness distance

program. I didn't know if you knew a lot about these programs or was involved with them.

really appreciate opportunity I got to work with you, your attention to detail and presentation is

probably one of the most beneficial things I learned working with you. So, thanks again and if I

can be of any help feel free to contact me anytime. Next time I am in Manhattan I will try to look

you up to see how things are going. I also was wondering if you knew of any good

resources for conducting audits or places to find accurate regulatory information.

Thanks again,
Cody Ruby
Technical Service, Waco, TX, Cargill Value-Added Meats
Phone: (254)412-3568

Nick Bastianthank you note