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Presentations and Brochures

Work Shop:

Activities: 2007

  • I coordinated the visit on March 11, 2007 of Dr. Raghuvardhan Reddy, Vice Chancellor of Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, Rajendranagar, India to Kansas State University.

  • In June 2004 Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, our milling professor, and I visited India to conduct seminars on flour milling and pest management. The list of seminars and my role in the seminars is given below.

  • International Short Course on Flour Milling, May 28-30, 2007, GRT Grand Hotel, Chennai. A majority of the presentations were by Dr. Jeff Gwirtz. About 40 people attened the seminar, and in this seminar I gave three presentations:

    • “Storage of wheat and milled products”
    • “International trends in food safety and pest management”
    • “Rodent and bird control”
    • “Sanitation issues in the mill”
  • International Seminar on Latest Trends in Flour Milling, May 31, 2007, Hotel Fortune Landmark, Ahmedabad. More than 40 people attended seminar. I gave one presentation in this seminar.

    • “Flour mill insects and their control”
  • I also conducted three separate hands-on workshops on Sanitation, Food Safety, and Pest Management for the food industry, pest management professionals, industry quality assurance folks, and government regulators, to name a few. Over 60 people were trained at the three workshops.

    • May 29-30, 2007, GRT Grand Hotel, Chennai
    • June 7-8, Hotel Sagar Plaza, Pune
    • June 15-16, Hotel Green Park, Hyderabad
  • I was responsible for 11 out of the 13 presentations at each of the venues. Evaluations indicated that these seminars were well received.

    • “The new Government of India food laws and their impacts on the food industries”
    • “A simple method to interpret and comply with language of federal regulations”
    • “Developing inbound and outbound inspections”
    • “Development of a sanitation program”
    • “Development of an inspection program”
    • “Developing standard operating procedures”
    • “Development of a HACC Program”
    • “Developing training programs within a company”
    • “Developing scope of services for pest management: issues to consider”
    • “Packaging as a pest exclusion tool”
    • “Best management practices for retail industries”