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Subramanyam Lab

Heat Workshop Presentation in 2004

May 15, 2004

SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Ole Dosland
Ken Sheppard
Heat treatment considerations - before, during, and afterSlides
Brian ZeichnerHeat treatment applications - ISlides
Mike OlexaHeat treatment liability issuesSlides
Mike RileyHigh temperature ramificationsSlides
Warren BarichHeat treatment applications - IISlides
Sham KashyapCalculating heat energy requirementsSlides
Dennis TilleyHeat treatment of empty metal storage binsSlides
Bhadriraju SubramanyamEvaluating temperature dataSlides
Bhadriraju SubramanyamEvaluating heat treatment effectivenessSlides
Ole Dosland
Ken Sheppard
Post - heat treatment considerationsSlides
Paul FieldsIntegrating heat with other pest management tacticsSlides