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Subramanyam Lab

Heat Workshop Presentations in 1999

August 4-6, 1999
SpeakersTitle of Presentations Files
Alan DowdyResults from 1999 KSU pilot flour mill heat treatmentSlides
Carol KennedyHeat EmergenciesWord
Deb MeyerTypes of Heaters SteamSlides
Frank Arthur
  1. Heat and Conventional Insecticides
  2. Survival of Red Flour Beetles on Heated Versus Unheated Concrete Treated with Cyfluthrin WP
Slides 1 
Slides 2
Gary ThompsonRegulatory and Safety Issues to Consider During Heat TreatmentsSlides
Nick HuserHeat Stress MonitoringSlides
Jeff WahlTypes of heaters: ElectricSlides
Jim WonderlySteam Heaters for Heat SterilizationSlides
Kim KempFacility Preparation for Heat TreatmentSlides
Mike MullenUse of Insect Traps in MillsSlides
Ole Dosland
  1. Effect of Heat on Insects
  2. Air Circulation Considerations for Heat Treatments
Slides 1 
Slides 2
Ron DurhamHeat and CO2Slides
Bh. SubramanyamInsect Bioassays & Insect Numbers After Heat TreatmentSlides
Tom Danley
  1. Determining Heater & Fan Requirements Gas Heaters
  2. Types of heater: Gas
  3. Figures
Slides 1
Slides 2
Slides 3