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Subramanyam Lab

Heat Workshop Presentations in 2003

August 5, 2003
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Bhadriraju SubramanyamFourth Stored Product Pest Management and Heat Treatment WorkshopSlides
Lisa CurranThe Bioterrorism act and Food SecuritySlides
Herb YeamanNew Phostoxin LabelingSlides
Suresh PrabhakaranSulfuryl Flouride Profume Gas FumigantSlides
David StangDyracide UpdateWord
Brian McSwiganECO2Fume and VaporPH3OS updateSlides
James CampbellMonitoring with Pheromone Traps and Trap Catch InterpretationSlides
Thomas DykstraHow effective are stored product moth traps?Slides
Carol KennedyPreventing Heat IllnessSlides
Jerry HeapsHeat Treatments: Past, Present, and FutureSlides
Ole DoslandHeat Treatment Considerations: Before - AfterSlides
Mike OlexaPest Control: Liabilities and Risk ManagementSlides
August 6, 2003
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Mimoun AbarawHeater types and heating efficiencySlides
James SmithHeat Treatment From A Steam ViewpointSlides
Brad RacenElectric Heating For Thermal Insect ControlSlides
Sajid AlaviThe life and times of the red flour beetle - A dynamic thermal death kinetics for insect pestsSlides
Jay DuenowInfrared Thermal Imaging ProductsSlides
Ole DoslandGetting Hot With Insect PestsSlides
Hulya AkdoganA novel method for characterizing temperature distributions during heat treatmentSlides
Mark CasadaHeat Treatment of Empty Steel BinsSlides
Lisa NevenEffects of heat and modified atmospheres on insectsSlides
Brian ZeichnerUS Army Heat Treatment Experiences: From Cockroaches to NematodesSlides
Anil MenonHeat Treatment perspectives from the Pest Management IndustrySlides
Dale EustaceK.S.U. Pilot Mill Heat Treatment PreparationWord
August 7, 2003
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Ken SheppardHeat Treatment Definitions and TerminologySlides
Judy JohnsonTemperature Treatments for Post Harvest Dried Fruits and NutsSlides
Warren BarichDisinfecting Stock TrailersSlides
Rizana MahroofSusceptibility of Red Flour Beetle Life Stages to Elevated TemperaturesSlides
Andy AllenInsect Numbers in Traps and Product Samples Before and After Heat TreatmentsSlides
Sham KashyapHeat Treatment CalculatorSlides