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Subramanyam Lab

Heat Workshop Presentations in 2001

August 6, 2001
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Paul FlinnIPM for Commercial Grain Storage: Industry PerspectiveSlides
Jerry HeapsFood Processing Industry's ViewSlides
Ole DoslandIPM Pest Control Industry’s ViewSlides
David WeaverIntegrated Pest Management - A Researcher's ViewSlides
Jerry Heaps & Bob RichardsonIs Pest Management Possible in the Post-FQPA Era?Slides
Ron DurhamContracted Pest ManagementSlides
Frank Arthur & Ted RogersOrganophosphate Transition: Challenges to Stored ProductsSlides
Suresh PrabhakaranUpdate on The Development of Sulfuryl Fluoride as an Alternative to Methyl BromideSlides
Thadd BiglerEco2fume Use and UpdageWord
Kim KempPest Management in the Retail EnvironmentSlides
Jeff WeierReducing Pesticide Use Through Spatial Mapping and Precision TargetingSlides
Carl ReedCharacterizing Phosphine Movement in Upright Concrete Grain ElevatorsSlides
August 7, 2001
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Dr. HewittHeat Related InjuriesSlides
Mimoun AbarawEmpty Bin TreatmentsSlides
Larry DeanThe Development and Implementation of a Heat ProgramSlides
Deb Krug-ReyesHeat Treatment Perspective/ExperiencesSlides
Bryan HoutchensHeat Blast Thermal Termite EradicationSlides
Ron GrinhamWhy Sanitation is Important for Heat Treatments to be SuccessfulSlides
Alan LeBrunIs a Heat Treatment the Right Choice for My FacilitySlides
Ron GrinhamHeat Treatment Equipment: Types, Costs, Benefits and LimitationsSlides
Larry DeanRalston Purina CompanySlides
August 8, 2001
SpeakersTitle of PresentationsFiles
Brian ZeichnerThermal Control of Cockroaches, Snails, and Commodity/Lumber PestsSlides
Ron GrinhamIntegrating Heat Treatments into an IPM ProgramSlides