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Subramanyam Lab


The objective of the U.S.-India Knowledge Initiative on Agricultural Education, Research, Service and Commercial Linkages (the “Initiative”) is to re-energize our partnership by promoting teaching, research, service and commercial linkages to address contemporary challenges. A key feature of this Initiative will be a public-private partnership where the private sector can help identify research areas that have the potential for rapid commercialization, with a view to develop new and commercially viable technologies for agricultural advancement in both countries. Joint Declaration Word format (37 KB)

Work plan

The objective of the work plan is to enhance quality and relevance of higher education through reorientation and refinement of course curricula, learning resources and delivery processes. To develop and enhance human capacity with due focus on gender balance in the emerging areas through training and faculty exchange. To promote industry-academia interaction to enhance relevance of education and research on a changing time scale. Work plan Word format (98 KB)

AKI activity log  PDF (11 KB)

AKI water management work (June 5, 2006)  Word format (53 KB)

AKI 3rd board meeting (June 6-7, 2006)

AKI 4th board meeting (November 20, 2006)

AKI biotechnology work plan  Word format (71 KB)

AKI food processing work plan  Word format (60 KB)

AKI curriculum development workshop (January 22-23, 2007)

AKI 5th board meeting (June 14-15, 2007)