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Subramanyam Lab

Summary of Evaluation

The Third Pest Management and Heat Treatment Workshop was held during August 6-8, 2001 in the Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University. The pilot flour mill was heat treated using steam heaters, while the pilot feed mill was heat treated using natural gas heaters. Unlike previous workshops, the first day was dedicated to current pest management issues and challenges.Day 2 and half of day 3 were dedicated to presentations relevant to heat treatments. During all three days, there was adequate time to walk through the heating facilities. Insect samples (adults and larvae) were provided for all participants so that they could be placed in critical mill locations to gauge heat treatment was effectiveness. Other features of the workshop included a violin quartet on the first day during the lunch break, where barbeque lunch, plus K-State's ice cream were the main attractions. A social hour on the first day was well received by the participants.

A total of 77 people participated in the workshop. The participants were pest management professionals, representatives from the brewing industry, grain industry, EPA, academia, USDA, army, private consultants, and heat treatment companies. Out of the 77, 47 were paid participants, and the remaining were either speakers or people working at Kansas State University. The workshops typically attract foreign participants. This year we had a participant from New Zealand, one from Portugal, and one from Canada. The last two workshops had participants from Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Canada.

The table below summarizes evaluations from 31 respondents. All percentages are based on this number. The N/A column refers to the number of respondents who did not attend the talk or failed to respond to a question about the speaker.

A financial disclosure statement is provided on a separate sheet of paper.

Anyone interested in all 3 workshop proceedings and a heat treatment "Bible" can obtain a copy by contacting Bh. Subramanyam (bhs@wheat.ksu.edu; 785-532-4092). The cost is $300 for all three proceedings, "Bible", and a CD-ROM, and the check should be made out to AFIA.

Overall, the meeting was well attended and appreciated, based on the evaluations received.