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Subramanyam Lab

General Comments From Individuals

Each of the comments comes from an individual. The language and text have been reproduced "as is" from the evaluation questionnaire.

  1. Make talks, shorter-20 minutes
  2. Excellent and valuable workshop. Look forward to next August
  3. Great workshop-learned a lot.
  4. I have have been attending many such kind of meeting, symposium, convention. This is best one. Useful material so much! Thank you.
  5. This has been one of the best programs I've attended (after 4 college degrees, that's saying something!). Subi is amazing-excellent communicator, organizer, motivator-superb facilitator of open-free exchange of ideas. We do not see that in California-it's all so "proprietary" --impossible to learn. (even in academia esp. UCD). Subi is a true leader.
  6. Great idea to have attendees place samples. The university should be very proud of their work here these last 3 days-well done-
  7. Excellent workshop. All of the speakers were excellent. Very well organized.
  8. Very informative & smooth presentations.
  9. Do your best to keep this program going; the associated industries need this help. Thank you.
  10. Great workshop-better than last year!
  11. Very interesting program. Being able to interact and view a heat treatment in progress was very telling. Thank you.
  12. I really enjoyed coming to this workshop. It is the 1st I've ever attended, but seemed very interesting and I learned very valuable information about controlling pests. I would suggest that everyone within the industry attend to become more educated. I even stayed awake and alert the entire time, nothing like having Subi as my professor! Thanks a lot for a great 3 days.
  13. Thank you very much for your kindness. It was timed.
  14. Quite a bit of repeat. Need to focus on general subjects and present at one time. Otherwise, excellent training.
  15. Thank you very much. It's very useful to attend this workshop. I'm going to try the heat treatment.
  16. More frequent breaks, 2 in AM and 2 in PM.