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Grain Science and Industry

Dogan, Hulya


Wheat mill stream properties for discrete element method modeling.  2014.  Patwa, A., Ambrose, R.P.K., Dogan, H., Casada, M.  Transactions of the ASABE.  57(3):891-899.

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Effect of different fractions of zein on the mechanical and phase properties of zein films at nanoscale.  2012.  Panchapakesan, C.; Sozer, N.; Dogan, H.; Huang, H.; Kokini, J.  Journal of Cereal Science, 55(2):174-182.

Study of kernel structure of high amylose and wild-type rice by x-ray microtomography and SEM.  2011.  Zhu, L.; Dogan, H.; Gajula, H.; Gu, M.; Liu, Q.; Shi, Y.  Journal of Cereal Science, DOI:10.1016/j.js.2011.08013.

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Flameless catalytic infrared radiation used for grain disinfestation does not affect hard red winter wheat quality. 2011.   Khamis, M.; Subramanyam, Bh.; Dogan, H.; Gwirtz, J. Journal of Stored Product Research, 47(3):204-209.

Susceptibility of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.). (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) life stages to flameless catalytic infrared radiation. 2011.  Khamis, M.; Subramanyam, Bh.; Flinn, P.; Dogan, H.; Jager, A.; Gwirtz, J. Journal of Stored Product Research, 103(4):1508-1516.

Development of protein-rich sorghum-based expanded snacks using extrusion technology.  2011.  Devi, N.; Shobha, S.; Tang, X.; Shaur, S.; Dogan, H.; Alavi, S.  International Journal of Food Properties, DOI:10.1080/10942912.2011.551865

Extrusion cooking of lentil flour (Lens culinaris-red) corn starch-corn oil mixtures.  2011.  Dogan, H.; Gueven, A.; Hicasmaz.  International Journal of Food Properties, DOI:10.1080/10942912.2011.551866.

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InSb focal plane array chemical imaging enables assessment of unit process efficiency for milling operations.  2010.  Wetzel, D.; Posner, E. and Dogan. H.  Applied Spectroscopy, 64(12):1320-1324.

Analysis for Extraneous Matter. Dogan, H.; Subramanyam, Bh.; Pedersen, J. Food Analysis, Food Science Text Series, Chapter 19, p. 351-365.

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Fundamental tools for probing the milling behavior of grains.  2007.  Dogan, H.  Miller Magzine for Milling Machinery and Grain Technology, Jan-Feb:40-44.

Book Chapter:  Dogan, H. and Kokini, J.L.  2006.  Rheological properties of foods, in Handbook of Food Engineering, D.R. Heldman and D.B. Lund (Eds.). CRC Press Inc., New York., pp. 1-124 (in press).

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