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Grain Science and Industry

Aldrich, Greg

Associate Professor 

Pet Food Program Coordinator

Greg Headshot

Waters 003
Manhattan, KS 66506

KSU's Pet Food Program Homepage

Area(s) of Specialization

Pet food processing, pet food nutrition

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Ph.D. Ruminant Nutrition (1995) University of Illinois: Effects of heat and chemical treatment of whole oilseeds on site of digestion of protein and lipid by cattle

M.S. Animal Sciences (1991) University of Missouri: Feed intake, diet utilization, and thermal balance of ruminants as affected by endophyte-infected tall fescue

B.S. Agriculture (1984) Kansas State University: Animal Science and Industry

Bio Brief

Greg Aldrich is an Associate Professor at Kansas State University. He received his Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Illinois (1995). His research focuses on characterizing the impact of modern pet food processing on food safety, nutrient utilization, and product shelf life. He also explores new ingredients for consideration in pet foods. He has supervised 22 MS and Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral students and researchers. He has authored 7 book chapters, 53 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 145 presentations with proceedings, and 125 without proceedings. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, the American Society for Nutrition, and the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition. He has been a reviewer for the Journal of Animal Science, Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, Journal of Applied Poultry Nutrition, Animals (MDPI), Foods (MDPI), and an editorial board member for Animal Feed Science & Technology, among others. He writes a monthly column for Petfood Industry magazine, the leading industry trade publication. He received ‘Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award-2019’ from the American Society of Animal Science.

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Associate Professor & Pet Food Program Coordinator, 2012-Present

Faculty member in the Department Grain Science & Industry with two key responsibilities: 1) assisting a cross-campus team in the development of a pet food program, and 2) building a research program pertaining to the effects of food processing on nutrient retention, shelf-life and safety of pet foods.

Pet Food & Ingredient Technology, Inc., Topeka, KS

President, 2003-Present

Nutrition and technical service to pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.  

Menu Foods, Ltd., Toronto, ON

Vice President, Product Development, 2002-2003

Kemin Industries, Inc., Des Moines, IA

Director, Research & Development, 2000-2002

The Iams Company, Dayton, OH (acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1999)

Manager, New Technology Development, 1998-2000

Research Nutritionist, Nutritional Development Research, 1995-1998

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL

Graduate Research Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate, 1990-1995

University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO

Graduate Research Assistant and M.S. Candidate, 1988-1990

Garden City Co-op, Inc., Garden City, KS

Sales and Nutrition Manager, 1987-1988

Feed Fieldman, 1985-1987

Farmer & Rancher, Garfield, KS 1983-1985

American Society of Animal Science: Professional Member

   -Companion Animal Program Committee: Standing Member

   -Chairman 2006-2007, Vice-Chairman 2005-2006, Member 2004-2005

American Society of Nutrition

American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition

Fats and Proteins Research Foundation: Research Committee Member

Institute of Food Technologists – Professional Member

International Association for Food Protection – Member 2018

American Association of Cereal Chemists International – Member 2018

   -Pet and Animal Food Planning Committee Chair (2018-present)

Graduate Field Memberships:

Member Grain Science Graduate Program Committee; 2016

Certified Member of Grain Science Graduate Faculty, Kansas State University, 2015-Present

Member of Grain Science Graduate Faculty, Kansas State University, 2012-Present

Research Supervision (Masters and PhD students supervised; current and past):

Amanda Dainton; PhD student, Fall 2018 - Present

Heather Acuff; PhD student, Summer 2018 - Present

Janak Dhakal; PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Food Microbiology, Oct 2017 - Present

Aiswariya Deliephan; PhD Student, Spring 2018 - Present

Julia Guazzelli Pezzali; M.S. Student, Fall 2017 - Present

Morts, Megan: Ph.D. Student, Fall 2016-Present

Donadelli, Renan: Ph.D. Candidate, Spring 2015-Present

Alvarenga, Isabella: M.S., Spring 2016; Ph.D. Candidate Fall 2016-Present

Smith, Spencer: M.S., Fall 2018-Employed by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Molnar, Lydia: M.S. Spring 2017; Employed by Merrick Pet Foods (A Nestle-Purina Company)

Jeffrey, Andrea: M.S., Spring 2016; Employed by Simmons Pet Food, Inc.

DeNoya, Shelby: M.S., Fall 2015; Employed by Purina-LOL, Inc.

Gray, Morgan Nicole: M.S., Fall 2015; Employed by Mars Pet Care, Inc.

Mooney, Alaina: M.S., Spring 2016; Employed by Lortscher Animal Nutrition, Inc.

Simmons, Analena: M.S., Fall 2015; Employed by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Graduate thesis committee member:

David Gomez Baquero (MS, 2018)

ShiWei Li (MS, 2018)

Han Li (MS, 2017)

Seitz, Dan (MS, pending)

Di Donfrancesco, Brizio (PhD, 2016)

Morts, Megan (MS, 2015)

Gibson, Michael (MS, 2015)

Graham, Nichole (MS, 2015)

Undergraduate Research Advisor/Mentor:

Lopez, Luis*  

Goods, Erryn

Booth, Natalie

Valerio, Dayanna 

Silva, Ingrid*

Stone, Debra

Smith, Spencer

Dainton, Amanda

Rokey, Jordan

Doyle, Molly

Mathe, Sarah

 * Developing Scholars Program