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Grain Science and Industry

Alavi, Sajid


Performance comparisons of solar mixed and indirect dryers for maize grain drying. 2019. Molla, A., Alavi, S., Subramanyam, B., Workneh, S., and Gabbiye, N. In Advances of Science and Technology. Eds. Zimale, F.A.,  Nigussie, T.E., Fanta, and S. W. Proceedings of the 6th EAI International Conference, ICAST 2018, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, October 5-7, 2018. Springer. pp. 145-159.

Morphological, barrier and mechanical properties of films from poly (butylene succinate) reinforced with nanocrystalline cellulose and chitin whiskers using melt extrusion. 2019. Xu, J., Manepalli, P.H., Zhu, L., Narayan-Sarathy, S., and Alavi, S. Journal of Polymer Research. Accepted June 2019.

Complementary feeding of sorghum-based and corn-based fortified blended foods results in similar iron, vitamin A and anthropometric outcomes in the MFFAPP Tanzania efficacy study. 2019. Delimont, N.M., Vahl, C.I., Kayanda, R., Msuya, W., Mulford, M., Alberghine, P., Praygod, G., Mngara, J., Alavi, S., and Lindshield, B.L. Current Developments in Nutrition, 3(6), nzz027. doi:10.1093/cdn/nzz027

Sensory Analysis of 20% Solids Fortified Blended Porridge. 2019. Chambers, E., Maughan, C., Padmanabhan, N., Alavi, S., and Adedeji, A. British Food Journal. 21(2), 633-64.

Stochastic modeling of expansion of starchy melts during extrusion. 2019. Manepalli, P.H., Mathew, J.M., and Alavi, S. Journal of Food Engineering. 245: 57-64.

Modern convenient sorghum and millet food, beverage and animal feed products, and their technologies. 2018. Alavi, S., Mazumdar, S.D., and Taylor, J.R.N. In Sorghum and Millets - Chemistry, Technology, and Nutritional Attributes. Second Edition. Eds. Taylor, J.R.N., and Duodu, K.G. Elsevier, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

Use of grain sorghum in extruded products developed for gluten-free and food aid applications. 2018. Alavi, S., Ruan, S., Adapa, S.S., Joseph, M., Lindshield, B., and Chilukuri, S. In Sorghum: State of the Art and Future Perspectives. Eds. Ciampitti, I., and Prasad, V. Agronomy Monograph 58. ASA and CSSA, Madison, WI.

Improving the nutritional value of foods in the USAID food aid basket: Optimization of macro and micronutrients, food matrices, novel ingredients and food processing technologies. 2018. Joseph, M., Alavi, S., Johnson, Q., Mohamedshah, F., Walton, S., and Webb, P. Report to USAID: Tufts University, Boston, MA. https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PA00T7SW.pdf.

Novel formulated fortified blended foods result in improved protein efficiency and hepatic iron concentrations compared to CSB+ in broiler chickens. 2018. Fiorentino, N.M., Kimmel, K.A., Suleria, H.A.R, Joseph, M., Alavi, S., Beyer, R.S., and Lindshield, B.L. Current Developments in Nutrition. doi:10.1093/cdn/nzy073

Novel fortified blended foods: Preference testing with infants and young children in Tanzania and descriptive sensory analysis. 2018. Chanadang, S., Chambers, E., Alavi, S., Kayanda, R., and Msuya, W. Journal of Food Science. 83: 2343-2350.

Effects of milling sorghum into fractions on yield, nutrient composition, and their performance in extrusion of dog food. 2018. Alvarenga, I.C., Ou, Z., Alavi, S., Thiele, S., and Aldrich, C.G. Journal of Cereal Science. Accepted May 2018.

Bioavailable iron and vitamin A in newly formulated, extruded corn, soybean, sorghum and cowpea fortified-blended foods in the in-vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell mode. 2018. Penugonda, K., Fiorentino, N., Alavi, S., and Lindshield, B.L. Current Developments in Nutrition. Accepted April 2018.

Extruded corn soy blends: Physicochemical and molecular characterization. 2018. Guo, Q., Joseph, M., Setia, R., Vikhona, H., Sharma, K., and Alavi, S. Journal of Cereal Science. 79: 486-493.

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