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Grain Science and Industry

Alavi, Sajid

Past Publications

Starch research from 2010 - 2017:

Mathematical modeling of flow behavior and cell structure formation during extrusion of starchy melts. 2017. Manepalli, P.H., Dogan, H., Mathew, J.M., and Alavi, S. Journal of Food Engineering, 198, 7-16.

Complementary foods and global fortification challenges. 2017. Joseph, M., Alavi, S., and Johnson, Q. World of Food Ingredients. February 2017: 58-61.

Effect of germination and extrusion on physicochemical properties and nutritional qualities of extrudates and tortilla from wheat. 2017. Zhu, L., Adedeji, A.A., and Alavi, S. 2017. Journal of Food Science, 82(8), 1867-1875.

Newly formulated, extruded fortified-blended foods for food aid: The MFFAPP Tanzania field trial protocol. 2017. Delimont, N.M., Chanadang, S., Joseph, M.V., Rockler, B.E., Guo, Q., Regier, G.K., Mulford, M.R., Kayanda, R., Range, M., Mziray, Z., Jonas, A., Mugyabuso, J., Msuya, W., Lilja, N.K., Procter, S.B., Chambers, E., Alavi, S., and Lindshield, B.L. Current Developments in Nutrition, 1(5), e000315.

Spices in a product affect emotions: A study with an extruded snack product. 2017. Bell, B., Adhikari, K., Chambers, E., Alavi, S., King, S., and Haub, M. Foods 2017, 6(8), 70; doi:10.3390/foods6080070.

Biodegradable starch/PVOH/laponite RD-based bionanocomposite films coated with graphene oxide: Preparation and performance characterization for food packaging applications. 2017. Sharma, C., Manepalli, P.H., Thatte, A., Thomas, S., Kalarikkal, N., and Alavi, S. Colloid and Polymer Science, 295 (9), 1695-1708.

Newly formulated, protein quality-enhanced, extruded sorghum-, cowpea-, corn-, soya-, sugar-And oil-containing fortified-blended foods lead to adequate Vitamin A and iron outcomes and improved growth compared with non-extruded CSB+ in rats. 2017. Delimont, N.M., Fiorentino, N.M., Opoku-Acheampong, A.B., Joseph, M.V., Guo, Q., Alavi, S., Lindshield, B.L. Journal of Nutritional Science, 6, e18.

Development and validation of a model for predicting survival of young larvae of Tribolium castaneum exposed to elevated temperatures during heat treatment of grain-processing facilities. 2017. Bingham, A.C., Subramanyam, B., Mahroof, R., Alavi, S. Journal of Stored Products Research, 72, 143-152.

The effect of gelatin inclusion in high protein extruded pet food on kibble physical properties. 2017. Manbeck, A.E., Aldrich, C.G., Alavi, S., Zhou, T., and Donadelli, R.A. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 232, 91-101.

Utilization of sorghum distillers dried grains (sDDGS) in extruded and steam pelleted shrimp diets. 2017. Adedeji, A.A., Zhou, Y., Fang, X., Davis, D.A., Fahrenholz, A., and Alavi, S. Aquaculture Research, 48(3): 883–898; doi:10.1111/are.12932.

Physicochemical and functional properties of extruded sorghum based bean analog. 2017. Adedeji, A.A., Joseph, M.V., Plattner, B., and Alavi, S. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 40(2); doi: 10.1111/jfpe.12401.

Drying characteristics of bean analog – A sorghum based extruded product. 2017. Adedeji, A.A., Suhr, E., Bhadriraju, S., and Alavi, S. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 41(2); doi:10.1111/jfpp.12856.

Influence of dietary fiber on macrostructure and processing traits of extruded dog foods. 2016. Monti, M., Gibson, M., Loureiro, B.A., Sá, F.C., Putarov, T.C., Villaverde, C., Alavi, S., and Carciofi, A.C. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 220: 93–102.

Tolerance testing for cooked porridge made from a sorghum based fortified blended food. 2016. Chanadang, S., Chambers, E, and Alavi, S. Journal of Food Science. 81(5): S1210-1221.

An evaluation of total starch and starch gelatinization methodologies in pelleted animal feed. 2016. Zhu, L., Jones, C., Guo, Q., Lewis, L., Stark, C. R., and Alavi, S. Journal of Animal Science, 94(4):1501–1507; doi:10.2527/jas2015-9822

Flow-specific physical properties of coconut flours. 2015. Manikantan, M.R., Ambrose, R.P., and Alavi, S. International Agrophysics, 29(4): 459–465.

Particulate flow and agglomeration in food extrusion.  2015.  Alavi, Sajid, R.P.Kingsly Ambrose.  In Production, Handling and Characterization of Particulate Materials.  Eds. Merkus, H.G., and Meesters, G.M.H. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

Innovations in pasta: Precooked and gluten free products.  2015.  Alavi, Sajid.  New Food, 18(2):34-37.

Sensory and nutritional properties of novel, cooked extruded lentil analog.  2015.  Abu-Ghoush, M., Alavi, S., Adhikari, K., Al-Holy, M., and Al-Dabbas.  Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.12436

The effects of fiber inclusion on pet food sensory characteristics and palatability. 2015.  Koppel, K., M. Monti, M. Gibson, S. Alavi, B. Di Donfrancesco, A. Carciofi.  Animals, 5:110-125

The effects of cooking process and meat inclusion on pet food flavor and texture characteristics.  2014.  Koppel, K., Gibson, M., Alavi, S., and Aldrich, G.  Animals, 4(2):254-271

Novel cooked extruded lentils analog: Physical and chemical properties.  2014.  Abu-Ghoush, M., Alavi, S., and Al-shathri, A.  Journal of Food Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1007/213197-014-1479-3

Delivery of antioxidants through fruits and vegetables in extruded foods.  2014.  Alavi, S., Giannetta, F., Nanjundaswamy, A., Madl, R., and Vadlani, P.  Cereal Foods World, 59(4):179-185

Polymers for Packaging Applications.  2014.  Eds. S. Thomas, S. Alavi, K.P. Sandeep, N. Kalarickal Jini V., and S. Rao. Apple Academic Press, Ontario, Canada.  ISBN: 9781926895722

Understanding of mechanical and barrier properties of starch, polyvinyl alcohol and layered silicate nanocomposite films utilizing mathematical models.  2014. Tang, X.Z., and Alavi, S.   In Polymers for Packaging Applications. Eds. S. Thomas, S. Alavi, K.P. Sandeep, N. Kalarickal Jini V., and S. Rao. Apple Academic Press, Ontario, Canada

Analytical techniques for structural characterization of biopolymer-based nanocomposites.  2014.  Kumar, P., Sandeep, K.P., Alavi, S., and Truong, V.D.  In Polymers for Packaging Applications. Eds. S. Thomas, S. Alavi, K.P. Sandeep, N. Kalarickal Jini V., and S. Rao. Apple Academic Press, Ontario, Canada

Rice-shaped extruded kernels: Physical, sensory and nutritional properties.  2013.  Yoo, J.; Alavi, S.; Adhikari, K.; Haub, M.; Aberle, R.; Huber, G.  International Journal of Food Properties, 16(2):301-321

Pet Food processing--understanding transformations in starch during extrusion and baking.  2013.  Gibson, M., Alavi, S.  Cereal Foods World, 58(5):232-236

High-soy, fishmeal-free diets support florida pompano growth. 2013.  Rhodes, M., Hanson, T., Alavi, S., Davis, D.  Global Aquaculture Advocate, Sept.Oct 2013:100-103

Development of protein-rich sorghum-based expanded snacks using extrusion technology.  2013.  Devi, N., Sagaram, S., Tang, X., Shaur, S., Dogan, H., Alavi, S.  International Journal of Food Properties, 16(2):263-276

Cellular architecture and its relationship with mechanical properties in expanded extrudates containing apple pomace.  2012.  Karkle, E., Alavi, S., Dogan, H.   Food Research International, 46(1):10-21

Structure and physical properties of starch/poly vinyl alcohol/laponite RD nanocomposite films.  2012.  Tang, X.; Alavi, S.  Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 60:1954-1962.

Recent advances in biopolymer-based food packaging materials.  2012.  Tang, X.; Kumar, P.; Alavi, S.; Sandeep, K. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 52 (5): 426.

Extent of matrix transformation in fiber-added extruded products under different hydration regimens and its impact on texture, microstructure and digestibility.  2012.  Karkle, E.; Keller, L.; Dogan, H.; Alavi, S.  Journal of Food Engineering, 108:171-182.

Soybean hulls pretreated using thermo-mechanical extrusion-hydrolysis efficiency, fermentation inhibitors and ethanol yield.  2012.  Yoo, J.; Alavi, S.; Vadlani, P.; Behnke, K.  Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 166(3):576-589.

Utilization of extrusion technology for the development of millet based complementary foods.  2012.  Devi, :.; Shobha, S.; Alavi, S.; Kalpana, K.; Soumya, M.  Journal of Food Science and Technology, DOI:10.1007/s13197-012-0789-6.

Extrusion-enzyme liquefaction as a method for producing sorghum protein concentrates.  2012. deMesa-Stonestreet, N.J.; Alavi, S.; Gwirtz, J.   Journal of Food Engineering, 108(2):365-375

Ileal digestibility of crude protein, amino acids, dry matter and phosphorous in pigs fed diets steam conditioned at low and high temperature,. expander conditioned or extruder processed.  2012.  Lundblad, K.; Hancock, J.; Behnke, K.; McKinney, L.; Alavi, S.; Preslokken, E.; Sorensen, M.  Animal Feed Science and Technology, 172(3-4):237-241.

Impact of B-glucan and other oat flour components on physico-chemical and sensory properties of extruded oat cereals.  2011. Yao, N.; White, P.; Alavi, S.  International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 46(3):651-660.

Recent advances in starch, polyvinyl alcohol based polymer blends, nanocomposites and their biodegradability.  2011.  Tang, X.; Alavi, S. Carbohydrate Polymers.  85(1):7-16

Thermo-mechanical extrusion pretreatment for conversion of soybean hulls to fermentable sugars.  2011.  Yoo, J.; Alavi, S.; Vadlani, P.; Amanor-Boadu, V.  Bioresource Technology, 102: 7583-7590.

Extruded moringa leaf-oat flour snacks: physical, nutritional and sensory properties.  2011.  Liu, S.; Alavi, S.; Abu-Ghoush, M.  International Journal of Food Properties, 14(4):854-869.

A review of experimental and modeling techniques to determine properties of biopolymer-based nanocomposites.  2011.  Kumar, P.; Sandeep, K.; Alavi, S.; Truong, V.  Journal of Food Science, 76:E2-14.

Structure and physical properties of starch/poly vinyl alcohol/sodium montmorillonite nanocomposite films.  2011.  Ali, S.S.; Tang, X.; Alavi, S.; Faubion, J.  Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 59(23):12384-12395.

Extrusion research for addressing the obesity challenge.  2011.  Alavi, S.; Karkle, E.; Adhikari, K.; Keller, L.  Cereal Foods World, 56(2):56-60.

Sorghum proteins: The concentration, isolation, modification, and food applications or kafirins.  2010.  de Mesa-Stonestreet,N.J.; Alavi, S.; Bean, S.   Journal of Food Science, 75(5) R90-R104.

Effect of type and content of modified montmorillonite on the structure and properties of bio-nanocomposite films based on soy protein isolate and montmorillonite.  2010.  Kumar, P.; Sandeep, K.; Alavi, S.; Truong, V.; Gorga, R.  Journal of Food Science, 75(5):N46-56.

Manufacture and evaluation of a single pass rotary cooler for aquatic feed pellets.  2010.  Kaddour, O.; Alavi, S.  Journal of Food Process Engineering, 33(4):585-605.

Extrusion as a thermo-mechanical pretreatment for lignocellulosic ethanol.  2010.   Lamsal, B.; Yoo, J.; Brijwani, K.; Alavi, S.  Biomass and Bioenergy, 34: 1703-1710.

Mechanical and microstructural properties of soy protein-high amylose corn starch extrudates in relation to physiochemical changes of starch during extrusion.  2010.  Zhu, L.; Shukri, R.; de Mesa-Stonestreet, N.; Alavi, S.; Dogan, H.; Shi, Y.C.   Journal of Food Engineering, 100(2): 232-238.

Preparation and Characterization of Bio-nanocomposite Films Based on Soy Protein Isolate and Montmorillonite Using Melt Extrusion.  2010.   P. Kumar, K. Sandeep, S. Alavi, V. Truong, R. Gorga, Journal of Food Engineering, 100(3), p. 480-489.


Starch research from 1999 - 2009:

Development and Validation of a Dynamic Model for Predicting Survival of Mature Larvae of Tribolium Confusum During Facility Heat Treatments.  2009.  Boina, D.; Subramanyam, B. and Alavi, S. Journal of Economic Entomology. 101(3): 989-997.

Soy Protein-fortified Expanded Extrudates: Baseline Study using Normal Corn Starch.  2009.  DeMesa, N.J.E.; Alavi, S.; Singh, N.; Shi, Y-C; Dogan, H. and Sang, Y.  Journal of Food Engineering. 90(2): 262-270.

Subzero Glass Transition of Waxy Maize Starch Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry.  2009.  Yijun Sang, Sajid Alavi, Yong-Cheng Shi. Starch/Starke. 61(12): 687-695

Pre-cooked Fiber Enriched Wheat Flour Obtained by Extrusion: Rheological and Functional Properties.  2009.   Gajula, H.; Liu, S.; Alavi, S.; Herald, T.; Madl, R.;Bean, S. and Tilley, M. International Journal of Food Properties. 12: 27-44

Impact of Dry Solids and Bile Acid Concentrations on Bile Acid Binding Capacity of Extruded Oat Cereals.  2008.  Yao, N.; White, P.; Jannink, J-L.; Alavi, S. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 56(18): 8672-8679.

Effect of Plasticizers on the Structure and Properties of Starch-clay Nanocomposite Films.  2008.  Tang, X.; Alavi, S.; and Herald, T. Carbohydrate Polymers. 74: 552-558. Kansas AES Contribution Number 08-126-J.

Pre-cooked Bran-enriched Wheat Flour Using Extrusion: Dietary Fiber Profile and Sensory Characteristics.  2008.   Gajula, H.; Alavi, S.; Adhikari, K.; and Herald, T. Journal of Food Science. 73(4): S173-179.

Barrier and Mechanical Properties of Starch-clay Nanocomposite Films.  2008.  Tang, X.; Alavi, S. and Herald, T.J. Cereal Chemistry. 85(3): 433-439

Mechanical-acoustic and Sensory Evaluations of Corn Starch-whey Protein Isolate Extrudates.  2007.  Cheng, E.; Alavi, S.; Pearson, T. and Agbisit, R. Journal of Texture Studies. 38(4):473-498.

Influence of mixing temperature on xanthan conformation and interaction of xanthan-guar gum in dilute aqueous solutions.  2007.  Khouryieh, H.; Herald, T.; Aramouni, F. and Alavi, S. Food Research International. 39(9): 964-973.

Relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties of cellular corn starch extrudates. 2007.  Agbisit, R.; Alavi, S.; Cheng, E.; Herald, T. and Trater, A. Journal of Texture Studies. 38(2): 199-219.

Intrinsic viscosity and viscoelastic properties of xanthan/guar mixtures in dilute solutions: effect of salt concentration on the polymer interactions.  2007.  Khouryieh, H.; Herald, T.; Aramouni. F. and Alavi, S. Food Research International. 40(7): 883-893.

Rheological study of xanthan and locust bean gum interaction in dilute solution. 2007.  Higiro, J.; Herald, T. and Alavi, S. Food Research International. 39(2): 165-175.

Physical and sensory characteristics of extruded products from two oat lines with differnt high β-glucan concentrations. 2006.  Yao, N.; Jannink, J.; Alavi, S. and White, P. Cereal Chemistry. 83(6): 692-699.

Physical and biochemical properties of maize hardness and extrudates of selected hybrids. 2006.  Lee, K-M.; Bean, S.; Alavi, S.; Herrman, T. and Waniska, R. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 54(12): 4260-4269.

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Rheological characteristics of intermediate moisture blends of pregelatinized and raw wheat starch.2002. Alavi, S.; Chen, K.; and Rizvi, S. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry. 50(23):6740-5.

An integrated dynamic growth – finite element model for predicting the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in packaged fluid milk. 2001. Alavi, S.; Puri, V.; and Mohtar, R. Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

Structural properties of protein-stabilized starch-based supercritical fluid extrudates. 1999. Alavi, S.; Gogoi, B.; Khan, M.; Bowman, B.; and Rizvi, S. Food Research International. 32(1999):107-118.

Development and validation of a dynamic growth model for Listeria monocytogenes in fluid whole milk. 1999. Alavi, S.; Puri, V.; Knabel S.; Mohtar, R.; and Whiting R. Journal Food Prot. 62(2):170-6.

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