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Grain Science and Industry

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Wheat Quality Lab (WQL)

The primary objectives of the Wheat Quality Lab (WQL) are to:

1) measure kernel, flour and bread baking properties of the wheat lines being developed in the KSU Wheat Breeding Program by wheat breeders Dr. Allan Fritz (Manhattan) and Dr. Guorong Zhang (Hays)

2) collaborate with faculty, research staff and graduate students in Grain Science and other departments on campus as well as with the USDA-ARS-CGHAR in studies to determine the influence of genetics, environment and handling factors on wheat and flour quality

3) provide technical assistance to the wheat marketing efforts of Kansas WheatU.S. Wheat AssociatesWheat Quality Council
and K-State Research and Extension 

The WQL also functions as a service lab, providing an unbiased assessment of hard winter wheat and flour quality and end-use value to all sectors of the wheat industry through wheat and flour testing services.