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Grain Science and Industry

GRSC620 - Extrusion Processing in the Food and Feed Industries. (Fall Semester - even years, 4 credits)

The course is designed to provide the students with an understanding of extrusion technology and the ability to apply it to product development and production through a ‘hands-on’ approach. Emphasis will be placed on process analysis and problem-solving techniques. In the laboratory exercises, which will comprise a major component of the course, students will operate (with the help of the extrusion manager) pilot scale extrusion equipment to produce readily-recognizable commercial products such as corn puffs, breakfast cereal, pasta, pet food, etc. The laboratory sessions are designed to evaluate the effects of process and ingredient variables on properties of finished products for a more thorough understanding of the underlying theory and principles of extrusion technology. For the benefit of grad students, extra credit problems will be assigned in exams, homework assignments, etc. which will be open to all students.

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GRSC790-Agriculture and Food Processing in North India(Summer-2010, 3 Credits)

This study abroad program is tailored for providing undergraduate and graduate students the experience of agricultural practices, food processing industry, university life and culture of north India.India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is taking rapid strides in manufacturing industry and information technology; however, a majority of the population is heavily dependent on agriculture.The class will give students a first-hand experience of traditional agriculture practices in north India and the move towards more modern practices such as use of bio-technology, irrigation, mechanized farming,bulk handling and storage of grain.Students will be exposed to the fast emerging food processing sector in the country through visits to a large bakery, a modern flour mill, a tea estate, tea processing faciity and potato processing unit.The tour will also include a visit and 3-day stay at two large agricultural universities-Punjab Agricultural University and Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University.A visit to the famous 17th century monument the Taj Mahal in the nearby city of Agra will also be part of this tour. .

GRSC820 -Advanced Extrusion Processing (Fall semester - odd years, 4 credits)

This is a graduate level class, and will involve advanced study of the principles of extrusion forming and cooking with a detailed focus on traditional topics like screw and die design, drying and scale-up, and more current areas like polymer science applications to processing, low carb and/ or high fiber products, and recent innovations in extrusion technology. .