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Grain Science and Industry

Current Research Projects





Five Year Planclick here



  1. International food-aid processing and solutions.

  2. Dynamics of microstructure formation in extruded biopolymer foams.

  3. Use of non-invasive X-ray micro tomography(XMT) for characterizing extrudate micro-structure and structure-texture relationships.

  4. Isolation of sorghum protein concentrates and gluten-free foods based on grain sorghum.

  5. Starch-clay nanocomposites.

  6. Impact of extrusion variables and formulations on nutritional and physical quality of pet food.

  7. Gluten quality and texturized vegetable protein.

  8. High protein, low fat, or high fiber/ fruit-based healthy snacks.

  9. Reactive extrusion for various applications including pretreatment for cellulosic ethanol, concentration of components such as proteins, cellulose, etc...