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Grain Science and Industry

Current and past projects

Current Projects

1. Novel Process of Biomass Conversion to Butylenes. US DOD Navy SBIR Phase II. 2012-2014, Lead PI:Technology Holdings. Kansas State University Subcontract : PIs Vadlani PV, Hohn K

2. Sustainable and Technically Advanced Integrated Biobased and Bioenergy Products Project. Kansas Alliance for Biorefining and Bioenergy (KABB), Kansas Bioscience Authority (KBA). 2012-2014. Lead PI: MGPI,KSU subcontract: PIs Madl R, Shi Y-C, Vadlani PV

3. Plant based Sesquiterpene Biofuels. Lead PI: Chromatin Inc. DOE ARPA-E Program. KSU subcontract. 2012-2015. PI Vadlani PV

4. Bioconversion of Paper Mill Waste to Value-added chemicals. Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, Department of Energy (DOE). 2011-2013, PI Vadlani PV

5. Establishment and Operations of Kansas Bio-Plastics Commercialization Collaborative. US Small Business Administration, 2011-2012 Kansas State University Subcontract: PI Vadlani PV

6. Demonstrate pelletizing forage crops and perennial grasses in the field to increase cellulosic ethanol production. DOE-USDA Biomass Research and Development Initiative. 2008-2012. PI Scott Staggenborg. Co-PIs: Vadlani PV, Wang D, McKinney L

Completed Projects

1. Novel Process of Biomass Conversion to Butylenes. US DOD Navy SBIR Phase I. 2010-2011, Lead PI: Technology Holdings. Kansas State University Subcontract: PIs Vadlani PV, Hohn K

2. Aerobic Stabilization of Silage. USDA-FAS Fellowship to host Borlaug Fellow from South Africa. 2010-2011. PI Vadlani PV

3. Improved Ethanol Production from Cellulosic Biomass: Enhanced Enzymatic Digestion and Fermentation from Inhibitor-free Hydrolysis. Graduate Assistantship Award, Center for Sustainable Energy, KSU. Aug 2008- July 2010. PI Vadlani PV

4. Nutritional enhancement of soybean carbohydrates and hulls for animal feed using microbial cultures. Kansas Soybean Commission. 2009-2011 PI Vadlani PV, Co-PIs Madl RL, O’Brien D.

5. Biomass conversion to biofuels. USDA-FAS Fellowship to host a Borlaug Fellow from the Philippines.2009-2010. PI Vadlani PV, Co-PIs Madl RL,Staggenborg, S

6. Improving Grain-based ethanol process efficiency and physical and nutritional properties of DDGS. KSU College of Agriculture MiniGrant program. 2007-2008. PI Behnke K Co-PIs: Vadlani PV, Madl RL, Lamsal B

7. Innovative Bioprocessing of lignocellulosic biomass to high value products. MeadWestvaco, Inc. 2007-2009. PI Vadlani PV

8. Screening sorghum germplasm for abiotic stress tolerance and biofuel production. Kansas Sorghum Commission. 2008-2010. PI Prasad PVV. Co-PIs: Vadlani PV, Roozeboom C.

9. Bioprocessing of sorghum and wheat straw samples for bioethanol production. Small Equipment Supplies Grant, Sorghum Improvement Center, KSU. 2009. PI Vadlani PV. Co-PI Prasad PVV, Scott Staggenborg

10. Rice Bran as a Nutrient Source to Enhance Ethanol Fermentation Efficiency: Feasibility Studies. Nutracea, Inc. 2008. PI Vadlani PV

11. Protein content enhancement of DG: microbial adaptation and pilot plant studies. Abengoa Bioenergy, Inc. 2006 – 2008 PI Madl R. Co-PI Vadlani PV. Grain Science & Industry Department.

12. Biobutanol production from corn grain: feasibility of using existing ethanol plant facilities. A proprietary project with a chemical company. 2007. PI Peter Pfromm (PI), Co-PIs: Nelson RG, Madl R, Vadlani PV and Amanor-Boadu V