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Grain Science and Industry

Bioprocessing Lab Group News

Fall '13

Congrats to Kyle Probst for successfully passing his preliminary exams.

Summer '13

Kyle Probst traveled to Perth, Australia to attend the World Renewable Energy Congress from July 14-18th.

Dr. Praveen Vadlani and Kyle Probst attended the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Montreal from June 16-19th.

The BREL successfully completed 3 REU student projects this summer.

Spring '13

Congratulations to Liyan Chen for successfully completing her PhD.

August '12

Kyle Probst traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil with 6 other IGERT fellows to learn about Brazil's renewable energy sector. Specifically for the production of ethanol from sugarcane.

Liyan Chen and Yixing Zhang traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the SIM (Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology) Annual Meeting from Aug. 12th to 16th. Yixing did a poster presentation and Liyan did an oral presentation in the fermentation and cell culture session.

July '12

Kyle Probst presented an oral presentation at the ASABE (American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers) International Meeting in Dallas, TX from July 30th to Aug. 1st.

May '12

Kyle Probst traveled to Germany/Switzerland for 16 days on a faculty-led study abroad program. The topics included visiting various companies and universities to learn more about renewable energy and grain processing in Germany and Switzerland.

Jonathan Wilson traveled to Belgium for 2 month visiting scientist position to study at the University of Ghent.

April '12

Congratulations to Johnny Wilson and Yixing Zhang receiving departmental awards! Johnny received the Cain Land and Grain Value Added Agriculture Scholarship and Yixing received the Lola Lee Jackson Animal Welfare Foundation Fund Travel Award.

Mar. '12

Visiting scientist and Borlaug Fellow Dr. Shirley Agrupis from Mariano Marcos State University in the Phillipines recently departed from the Bioprocessing group after a successful 6 months of performing cellulosic biofuel research. Best of luck Shirley!

Jan. '12

Congratulations to Liyan Chen for successfully passing her prelims!

K-State Research and Extension recently published a video of the Bioprocessing Laboratory. Click here to view the video.

Dec. '11

Kyle Probst attended the Pepsico December Career Day hosted by the NYAS. Click here for more info.

Nov. '11

Congratulations to Nathan McGraw for his acceptance to Kansas University School of Medicine. Nathan will begin his journey next fall. Best of luck Nathan!