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Grain Science and Industry

Milling Science Club

The milling science club was formed in 1930 and has been a great way for students interested in milling science to learn more outside of the classroom. Milling science club members participate in many activities including field trips to nearby flour mills, and other grain processing facilities, attending conferences such as the Grain Elevator and Processing Society conference and International Association of Operative Millers conference.

If interested in joining the mill science club please contact Fran Churchill (fmchurchill@ksu.edu) or Jason Watt (jwatt1@ksu.edu). Club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month during the school year. To be added to our listserv, please email millclub@listserv@ksu.edu.


Help support the Milling science club by purchasing the following products that members gain hands-on experience making. 
Pancake mix (just add water) – plain or wheat
Beer bread mix
Oatmeal cookie mix
Flour– unbleached, bleached and wheat
If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please contact floursales@ksu.edu. Milling Science Club Products are also available at Call Hall according to their hours.

2019-2020 Milling Science Club Officers

President- Kirsty Gordon
Vice President- Joel Moldrup
Secretary- Zach Pauly
Treasurer- Andrew Schubert
Flour Sales Chairs- Harper Zongker (lead), Luke Benfer, Andy Mink, Slater Blick
Social Chairs- Jaley Jensen, Jenna Rose
Ag Council Rep- Mardi Traskowsky
Open House/ Parking- Brock Harvey
Advisor- Fran Churchill and Jason Watt 

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