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Grain Science and Industry

KSU Bakery Science Club

Join the Club

Do you enjoy eating, baking, meeting new people and taking trips? Are you a student at KSU, graduate or undergraduate? Bake club may be the place for you! 

The Bakery Science Club meets and bakes every other Tuesday night throughout the semester and holds bake sales around once per semester. No baking experience required, we have members from a wide array of majors, who come to socialize and eat some cookies while we bake! We start baking around 4:00 pm. and will be in the lab until the final products are baked and bagged (normally 7-8 pm).  You’re free to come and go as you please. The club also provides dinner each night around 6:00 pm. The Bakery lab is room 110 in Shellenberger Hall, which is just across the street from the Leadership Studies building. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail the club at bakeclub@ksu.edu. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meeting Dates/Times :

Meeting always occur on Tuesdays throughout the semester from approximately 4:00-8:00 pm. We provide dinner around 6:00 pm. During our meetings we bake different types of breads, cookies, and other sweet goods. 

Bakery Science Club Advisors:

Aaron Clanton

Dr. Elisa Karkle

Bakery Science Club Officers

2024-2025 Bakery Science Club Officers

President - Anna Staley

Vice President - Emily Leighsing

Production Managers - Jana Bray and Lei Zhong

Secretary - Carolyn Herman

Sales - Talia Clanton

Marketing Manager - Melina Callegari

Ag Council Rep/ Social Chair - Katie Stevens


Bakery Science Club email: bakeclub@ksu.edu 

Social Media: 

         - Twitter: @BakeClubKSU 

         - Instagram: @bakeryscienceclubksu 

         - Facebook: K-State Bakery Science Club   


Bakery Science Club Sponsorship

We would like to recognize and extend our thanks to all of the generous sponsors who have donated equipment, ingredients, or time to help the club succeed. 

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