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Grain Science and Industry

Upcoming Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to meet with industry representatives throughout the school year to interview for a variety of internship or full time positions. The position description and application details can be found on the "Internship Information Board" in the 1st floor hallway of Shellenberger Hall. For a brief summary of upcoming opportunities and future industry visits please follow one of the following links. Next Week At A Glance, 2013 Industry Visit Schedule, 2014 Industry Visit Schedule.


A most important part of the learning experience for students enrolled in the undergraduate curriculums of Bakery Science and Management, Feed Science and Management, or Milling Science and Management is the opportunity(s) to work summers or extended periods as an intern in real operating businesses. Internships serve as an opportunity for students to experience the “real world” and make decisions about the type of job or company they want to work for upon graduation. Companies are able to see the interns in action and look at their potential for employment upon graduation. Students wishing to use an internship for credit should contact Professor Hulya Dogan at 785-532-2628 or e-mail: dogan@ksu.edu Students should also enroll in the GRSC 591 Commercial Feed and Food Manufacturing Internship for the Fall semester prior to the end of the spring semester before beginning their internship. Most undergraduate students in the Department of Grain Science and Industry complete one or more internships during their time at Kansas State University. Companies from all facets of the business world annually seek out interns to work in their facilities. These facilities are located throughout the United States. Occasionally, there are also opportunities for international internship experiences.

One of these internship experiences can be used to receive 2 hours of undergraduate credit. Some of the degrees or degree options in the Department of Grain Science require an internship and completion of the internship class. Others can use the internship class as an elective applied to their degree requirements.

Students seeking Internships:

Please contact you academic advisor in the department and make your desire known. Be aware of internship opportunities posted in Shellenberger Hall and also internship interview opportunities with industry representatives posted in Shellenberger Hall or through Career and Employment Services.

Companies Seeking Student Interns:

Please contact the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator Bryan Swartz, email:bcswartz@k-state.eduphone: 785-532-1894, if you would like to interview for or hire an intern.