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Grain Science and Industry

Undergraduate Programs

RitzBakery Science and Management, Feed Science and Management, and milling Science and Management each offer separate, unique opportunities in diverse career fields. Classes are small to encourage contact with the department professors and to take maximum advantage of the academic, administrative, and research excellence.

Regardless of the curriculum, our goal is to train well-rounded, educated, technical and scientific graduates and prepare them for critical thinking and problem solving. To pursue this goal, the students' educational experience includes coursework in basic science (chemical and biological science), engineering, management, operations and hands-on work in the department's numerous pilot facilities. Each curriculum requires or supports an industry internship program designed to provide students with real-world experience.

Bakery Science and Management

Baking is a large and diverse industry requiring people with a strong scientific and technical background in addition to management skills. Graduates find positions in operations, quality assurance, and research and development. Employment opportunities range from small to large commercial bakeries, food companies, or companies that supply bakeries with ingredients, equipment and services.

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Feed Science and Management

The study of animal feed manufacturing technology has grown into the largest industry exclusively serving agriculture. Most feed graduates start in entry-level positions involving production, quality control, or product and research development, and progress rapidly into supervisory management positions. Feed Science and management can also be used to fulfill the requirements for Pre-Veterinarian Science.

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Milling Science and Management

Milling grain into flour products is one of the world's oldest industries. The milling industry is among the most basic of American industries and is generally not affected by the economy. Graduates in milling science often accept positions as milling specialists, plant superintendents, engineering support, sales managers, or research and development scientists. They often progress into management positions.

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