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Subramanyam Lab

Ultrasound and IPM

Project Title: Effects of ultrasound pulses on stored product moth reproductive success.

Investigators: Bh. Subramanyam, (past) Fangeng Huang and Jim Campbell

Objectives: To examine the influence of variable frequencies, sound pressure levels and pulse durations on the reproductive behavior of Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner).

Methods: The impact of different frequencies, sound pressure levels and pulse durations will be generated in the laboratory. Adult males and females of Indianmeal moths will be exposed to the sounds and their responses will be recorded. Experiments will be conducted in flight tunnels and in cages or rooms to determine the impact of ultrasound on pheromone-mediated flight of males, pheromone release behavior of females, and on the mating success.

Impacts: There is preliminary evidence to show that ultrasound technology will work on stored product moths. A commercial model will be developed to manage Indianmeal moths in bins and in commercial food/feed handling facilities. Our goal is to develop a unit to which the moths do not get habituated.